Thinking Out Loud Thursday #34!

I think my brain is pre-maturely fried this week. On Tuesday I thought it was Thursday and I was soooo happy that the week was almost over but then reality hit and I realized the week had barely started. Blah. I have been sleeping terribly lately so I think that has really impacted my motivation this week to be productive and get lots of things done at school and work. My life is so rough. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Oh well, thankfully TODAY is Thursday and the week IS almost over! I am of course linking up with Amanda at Running with Spoons for Thinking Out Loud Thursday!


  • I have a serious crush on Miles Teller right now. Like, seriously. It’s getting dangerous. JUST LOOK AT HIM. I watched “The Spectacular Now” and “That Awkward Moment” on the weekend and I just fell hard for him.



  • I was cold at school one afternoon so I bought a cup of vegetable soup to warm me upโ€ฆ ummmmm…


It was actually good, the vegetables were hiding on the bottom, but it was hilarious to open the lid and see one piece of zucchini floating on top of vegetable broth.

  • I handed my brother my phone last night and asked him to work his magic on my Fantasy Football team. I am SO terrible at it. I bench players who are under performing and then they have huge weeks, then I put in my hot streaking players and they get injured. I just can’t win. Good thing we decided not to bet money in this league.


  • I started a partner project in one of my courses at school and we met to discuss ideas for our presentation. We have to do a book report and I kind of hated the book, so I was glad when my partner felt the same way. Ideas were flowin’ people.


  • Yeah, so this happened. My toenail has yet to fall off but as my nail polish started to come off, my black toenail was revealed. I can’t say I am super happy about it but I think that is a badge of honour in the running communityโ€ฆ I’M IN! ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • I went for my first post-marathon run yesterday morning. I took a solid 9 days off of running, only doing things like walking, spin, and stretching the last week. I think I picked a perfect morning to run, just look at this view. I did just under 4 miles, nice and slow, and really just made sure I was ready to come back to the running game. It felt GREAT.


  • Get your fitness posts ready for my link-up tomorrow morning!! I am starting a “Fitness Friday” blogger link up, just made sure to back link my blog page! I’m SO ready to start a new fitness challenge and program tomorrow. While I didn’t go crazy, I’ve certainly been slacking with my nutrition and my workouts have been more sleep-ins than anything this week. Motivation is ready to rock and so are my muscles!

Fitness Friday Canadian Girl Runs

Favourite way to warm up on a cool fall day?

What time of day do YOU run when it gets darker earlier and the sun rises later?

Celebrity crush right now?


  1. I’ve been loving Miles Teller lately too! I first saw him in the Footloose remake and he’s had me since then. I just added Two Night Stand to my list on Netflix…never heard of it, but if he’s in it I’ll watch it!

  2. I don’t run nearly enough to to lose toenails or get black ones, but both my index toenails have been bruised ever since running the Spartan super at the beginning of September! And they are so tender to the touch too, boo ๐Ÿ™

    That sunrise was amazing!

  3. Haha, fantasy football is a cruel mistress. I totally hear you on playing the hot players only to have your bench players perform way better. It’s so depressing. I’ve had my three top players go down with serious injuries, but by some miracle I’m still doing well (knock on wood ;).

  4. I lose one toe nail a year… I always believed it was from getting severe frostbite as a child but now that I read this post it must be because of running! But literally every year, my left big toe nail grows out and a new one comes in. TMI?? haha

    It is getting chilly up here in Dawson Creek, BC which I actually like because I’m not dying of heat while running and I have been going in the evenings around 7pm but am going to have to switch that up soon as it is getting quite dark by then and I run down a lease road surrounded by trees, deer, moose and possibly bears and wolves!

    Looking forward to Fitness Friday link ups ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Oh weird!! I wonder if it was the frost bite, that would be crazy!! I ran around 6pm tonight and it was already getting dark!! What?!

  5. Ooooh I’m so excited about this Fitness Friday linkup -thanks for starting this, friend!

    My toenails are basically crumbling – that’s how damaged my feet are from hiking/running. It’s so gross.

    1. Runners feet are naturally just gross.. when I get a pedicure the aesthetician is always like, “Ummmmmโ€ฆ sooo, callouses much?”

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