Walking and podcasting to work.

Yesterday I did a LOT of walking. Some intentional and some accidental because I am really really bad at guessing distances. I have apparently relied on MapMyRuns too much because I tried to add a mile or two to my walk home from work yesterday and ended up walking over twice the distance. Whoops.

I just bought a new backpack for such occasions that I walk to work AND for day hikes! I had been researching some packs for a while, looking for one that was women-specific, had a lot of pockets for hiking, had a long frame for my long torso, and was super supportive for long hikes. I found THIS one online and after speaking with a super helpful guy at MEC it is the one I bought. It’s called the Gregory J28 Women’s Daypack and I cannot get over how lucky I am that the pack that worked the best for me is my FAVE colour.


I suited up for a chilly walk to work yesterday morning. The windchill was about -5 degrees Celsius when I left but as the sun rose I felt it getting warmer by the time I got to work. It is almost exactly 4 miles from my house to work, which isn’t too far and now that I write that it seems ridiculous that I drive 98% of the time, but it takes me an hour to walk there (and an hour return). I wore my dad’s winter jacket because I couldn’t find mine and I have officially decided that I’m stealing it. It’s big and fluffy and SO SO SO warm.


When I got to work and told people that I voluntarily decided to walk from home that morning I got a pretty consistent response.


I worked all day (well, I mean, like 7 hours, but c’mon it’s a Saturday so that’s practically all day) and then layered back up for the walk home. It was actually nice and warm in the afternoon yesterday so I didn’t wear the down jacket. I think it got to about 8 or 10 degrees Celsius which is awesome walking weather. I just LOVE fresh air, especially after sitting in front of a computer screen all day.


As I mentioned, I wanted to add another mile or so on the way home so I took another route. I figured at most it would add two or three miles but I really didn’t think it all the way through. My parents texted me as the sun was beginning to set to ask where the hell I was. I ended up walking about 9 miles home and it took me over two hours! It’s safe to say I was super hungry when I got home and I was delighted when my dad told me there was baked spaghetti squash in the oven for me. YUM.


I may have walked a tiny but further than I had originally planned but it was such a nice day! I knew that when I got home I would be parking my ass and watching hockey all night so I’m glad I was out there for a little bit longer. Plus I got caught up on ALL my podcasts!

Total commute walk mileage: 12.68 miles

Number of times I thought, “I love my new backpack!”: 23

Podcasts listened to: Jay and Dan Podcast Episode 86 with guest Pete Rose & Katie Nolan’s podcast Garbage Time (<- her first podcast episode check her out!!)


  1. What a wonderfully organic workout! I commute 1 1/2 hours by car..so walking is sort of out of the question! Lucky and determined you!

  2. In the past few years, my commutes have been all over the place in terms of time/distance. I’ve had anywhere from 2.5 hrs each way to 5 minutes each way! Right now I’m traveling 30 minutes each way for my main job – I really wish it was close enough to walk though! What a great way to get some extra fitness (and extra podcasting) done!

  3. I love and miss being able to walk and/or bike everywhere! That kinda went out the window when I moved into the mountains and discovered that sidewalks weren’t a thing. :'( Someday though! *-*

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