Week of Waterton: Bertha Lake Hike.

week of waterton

After a morning of cruising around Waterton Lakes with all of the bloggers (and bloggers in training… aka their kids), the group decided to split up as the little guys needed naps and the big girls needed a hike. Some wandered the town browsing shops while four of us headed out to do the Bertha Lake hike.


(Ashley, Brie, me, and Jo)

The Bertha Lake hike is a 11.2km round trip hike, with about 500m (1500ft) of elevation gain. Lots of UP UP UP to get to the lake, and then there is the option to complete a 4km trek around the lake once you get there. The trailhead is actually right in the Waterton townsite, just past Cameron Falls! We hiked this trail at the perfect time of year because the trees changing colours made for gorgeous views at every turn.


On the way to Bertha Lake, about a third of the way up, you pass Bertha Falls. We stopped for a bit of a photo-op on the way up and managed to track down some fellow hikers to take our photo. The weather wasn’t as nice as when Jo and I hiked to Crypt Lake and it tried really hard to rain on us on the way up. Luckily all of the hard work it took to get up to the lake made it feel REALLY warm out!


Once we arrived at Bertha Lake it started hailing! We opted out of the 4km hike around the lake and stuck to the shoreline grabbing some photos and hiding from the hail! The water is so pretty in all of the mountain lakes, I can never quite believe how green and blue it is until I see it.


Jo surprised us by bringing a bottle of wine on the hike to celebrate with when we got to the top! She appropriately grabbed 50 Peaks red wine for the occasion! It was super cute and though I’m not a wine drinker, it felt like something you just couldn’t pass up! This is just what happens when women go hiking. 😉


After a few moments of dodging hail pellets and sipping wine, we started getting cold and decided to head back down the mountain. It took us about 2 hours to get to the top and about an hour and a half to get back down. I can’t decide whether all of the uphill or all of the downhill is worse! It was definitely a workout, but such a FUN workout!


We had such a fun experience on this hike. There is nothing comparable to life-chats on the trail. It was nice to have a small group on the trail so we could hike together and talk the whole time and not get separated. I never dreamed I would bond so much with these girls in one weekend!

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Disclaimer: The #ABBloggersRetreat was sponsored and funded by Chinook County Tourism in partnership with the Town of Waterton and Travel Alberta. All written recaps and opinions are my own.
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  1. I just really, really love that last photo of us 🙂 That hike was exactly what I needed and I’m so glad we did it. You’re right – trail talk is pretty awesome 🙂 I always think “I can’t wait till we can go back down”, but downhill, especially on this hike, was REALLY hard lol. Or I’m just getting old. My knees are old. haha!

  2. I ALWAYS prefer uphill or downhill (especially running!) It’s too hard on my legs.

    I love the photo of you ladies with your arms around each other– such a great example of our weekend together. Miss you! xx

  3. Depending on the hike I sometimes prefer the uphill, especially if it’s super steep or slippery at all. And ESPECIALLY if there’s wine at the top to look forward to ;). Wine at the top is genius!

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