Week of Waterton: Shoreline Boat Cruise.

week of waterton

Beside eat together, one of the activities we did as a group in Waterton was the cruise with Waterton Shoreline Cruise Co. We boarded The International on Saturday morning, along with a few dozen other people, and headed out for a two-hour tour around the Waterton Lakes.


First of all, the staff at the Shoreline Cruise Co. are SO friendly! They are absolutely the most knowledgeable people about the area, with a few staff members having grown up in Waterton, they will answer any and all questions you have about the area, the history, and things to do! We had Keith as our tour guide and he provided lots of detailed information during the cruise, from rock formations to Parks Canada and American regulations on the local trails! He was also the guy that picked up me, Jo, and the rest of the hikers from Crypt Landing on Friday!


The boat cruise set off at exactly 10:00am and with a few sounds of the horn we were off and cruising! We did a figure-eight around the largest of the Waterton Lakes, which meant we crossed the international border into Montana! Waterton is located in an International Peace Park, so no passports were required to cruise into these international waters!


It was windy heading out to the end of the lake, with a strong headwind coming at us, as well it tried to rain a bit while we were out there, but the boat had plenty of space in the sheltered seating area on the bottom of the boat, and when it was sunny and we had a tailwind, there was lots of room to road the top deck outdoors. There is really no terrible view from the boat, despite the rain clouds, this lake is beautiful!


The end of lake is where Goat Haunt is located and where there is a border crossing! In the summer months there is a stop at Goat Haunt for the boat cruise and you can wander around for a few minutes before boarding and heading back. Anyone looking to stay longer and perhaps do some hiking into Montana has to bring their passport and clear customs!


There is actually a really neat line marking the international border between Canada and the United States that runs up each side of the lake on the mountains. When we did our cruise the American end of the lake was super dark and rainy, while the Canadian side had blue sky and sunshine… just sayin’. It was a really neat way to explore the area and see things from a different perspective! It also made me want to climb all of the mountains around the lake! It was a family-friendly activity too so it was perfect for our group of travellers! Just don’t expect to have a good hair day… wait, Kaella, how is your hair still perfect?


We arrived back in Waterton at the dock just after noon, just in time to grab lunch! There is another sailing that heads out at 1:00pm and in the peak summer months there is a sunset cruise that leaves at 7:00pm which would be super romantic! We didn’t see any bears from the boat but we did see some eagles (apparently those are really exciting? 😉 )


Whatever you do or don’t see, the cruise won’t disappoint! You can visit their website HERE for prices and ticket information. The ticket office is right on the docks and they have a little souvenir shop inside too!

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Disclaimer: The #ABBloggersRetreat was sponsored and funded by Chinook County Tourism in partnership with the Town of Waterton and Travel Alberta. All written recaps and opinions are my own.
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  1. The shoreline cruise vessels feature indoor and outdoor seating, twin powered motors for safety, and are Coast Guard Certified each year. Our flagship is the Historic

  2. I agree – this boat ride is a must! And I would totally do it again, but in the summer months so we could get off the boat! Haha – bald eagles aren’t that exciting once you’ve lived in BC 😉

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