WIAW: A Look at my Tuesday.

Half WIAW, half day in the life, this is a peek into what my Tuesday looks like! Last week was all about Waterton and even though I posted all my recap of the food in Waterston on Wednesday, I still missed the “day in the life” style post with ALL THE FOOD. My Tuesdays are mostly entirely away from home so I basically lug a ginormous lunch box to school with me that has snacks for my entire day.


4:55am – My alarm goes off and due to the fact that I get paid to work out on Tuesday mornings, I can’t hit snooze a million times. I get dressed, put on a tiny bit of makeup so as to not scare my spin participants, grab my mom (who is registered in my spin class – how cute is that), and head to the gym.

5:45am – First spin class of the day! It’s an express class, only 45 minutes long, with a regular group of 18 people. IT’S SO MUCH FUN.

6:55am – Arrive back home and shower. Attempt to actually put on a decent outfit and not resort to leggings and a sweater. I am into the second month of school and I still haven’t worn lululemon tights to school this semester. #winning

7:25am – My favourite time of day. BREAKFAST. Eggwhites with dill and garlic seasoning topped with feta cheese, grilled smoked pepper tofu and some sort of fruit… yesterday it was grapes. I have a little frying pan that I cook my eggs in which is why they are always so round.


7:55am – Drive to the recreation centre that I teach my evening spin class at. I park in the facility’s parking lot then walk to the LRT (city train) station and take the train into school.

9:00am – Arrive at school and head straight to my office, turn on my computer, check my email, then gather my books and head to class. My class on Tuesdays is conveniently four floors below my office. Before I went to class yesterday I grabbed coffee #2 from Starbucks… which is also conveniently in my building.

9:30am – Attempt to enjoy biostatistics.

morning snack

11:00am – Get back to my office and dive into some sort of school work. Yesterday I did some quantitative data analysis and updated my results for my thesis. I also browsed potential publishable journals as per my supervisor’s request. I also ate a pear.

12:20pm – I got hungry again. I dove into my lunch of vegetables and hummus, salt and vinegar cracker chips, and a Quest bar. It was like a portable snack plate and every bit as delicious. I continued working as I ate and proceeded to read my program planning articles for Thursday’s class and complete a ton of biostatistics review questions in preparation for my midterm next week.


4:00pm – I started to lose focus on my school work and instead browsed some blogs and enjoyed my chocolate protein yogurt concoction. The usual plain greek yogurt with chocolate whey protein powder, topped with walnut pieces, pecans, and raisins. This is honestly my favourite snack of life right now. I attempted to get back into some school work but my productivity was in a steady decline by that point.

afternoon snack

5:30pm – I take the train back to the recreation facility where I parked my car, grab my gym bag out of my car, and head in to change. I like to get there early because it stresses me out SO much if I don’t have a lot of time to set up and help participants set up their bikes properly.

6:30pm – Round two of spin class. This one is an hour drop-in class! I usually use the same songs from my morning class which gives me the ability to tweak the drills a bit and fix what didn’t work and elaborate on what worked.

7:40pm – Drive home in the DARK. How on earth is it dark before 8pm now? I really enjoyed driving and watching the sunset but now it is basically already dark when I leave the rec centre!

8:15pm – Shower and whip up my favourite post-spin meal of protein “nice cream.” It’s just so delicious. This one was made with cookies and cream whey protein, frozen blueberries, and soy milk. Topped with peanut butter and sprinkles because what is life without whimsy?


9:15pm – Finish up this blog post, waste time on the internet, trash talk people in my fantasy football league from the depths of last place, and then head to bed!

How was YOUR Tuesday?


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