WIAW: Food from Chicago.

I never really ended up catching shots of one day of food in Chicago but there was PLENTY of eats to be had pre and post-race so I will share some of my favourite’s for What I Ate Wednesday! Let’s not talk about the race day stuff because I can’t even think about pomegranate energy chews without gagging a little.


Berry Swiss Oats from Corner Bakery Cafe: A super busy cafe right at the northwest corner of Grant Park in Chicago. This place was slammed every time we went by so we knew it would be worth it. This was a breakfast of cold oats with berries, apple, and raisins. It was so delicious and really filling!


Veggie Burger and Yam Fries from Elephant & Castle Pub and Restaurant: This meal is apparently the perfect pre-race fuel. Lots of fat and carbs on the plate to get me through that race. My friends really like pub food so we went to a couple places where the only vegetarian option was a veggie burger. This one was pretty good but definitely not spectacular!

burger and fries

Trail mix scone from 23rd Street Cafe at McCormick Place: A little snack in between a quick egg white wrap for breakfast and a later lunch. I munched on this while wandering the expo. I just love scones… and biscotti… really any English tea baking apparently. This one had raisins, cranberries, pumpkin seeds, flax, and buckwheat flour.


Mocha from Two Zero Three Cafe in the Virgin Hotel: This coffee shop was so cute and really cozy. I hung out there a little on Saturday afternoon, letting my feet rest, doing some blogging, and enjoying a view of the people wandering downtown. I tried the mocha because I can’t go a day without some sort of chocolate in my life. They use real cocoa powder steamed into the milk and it was delicious!


Airport food: I felt like I had to eat so much gross airport food but I really didn’t. I like to pack my food when I travel but carrying on luggage, traveling to America, and not knowing if there would be a fridge in my room made that tough. I bought the healthiest food in most places but that also meant it was ridiculously expensive and probably way too old to be sitting on the shelf. My saving grace was a Starbucks Americano at pretty much every airport.


Lindt coffee filled chocolate from Target: My post-race treat, so yes, I am eating it in bed. This chocolate was unreal and if you are like me and love chocolate and coffee (separate and together) this is a must-try.

coffee chocolate

There are probably a million other places to try in Chicago (literally, I mean it’s a city of 10.7 million in surrounding area) and I didn’t take photos of the delicious mediterranean sandwich I had at Potbelly or the vegan Quesadillas I had at Miss Ricky’s but those were also extremely delicious! During the three days I spent in Chicago, I totalled over 90,000 steps… the many food stops were necessary ok? 😉

Favourite places to eat in Chicago anyone?

Where are YOU traveling to next?

Coffee, peanut butter, or chocolate -> pick one you can’t live without!


  1. 90,000 steps!! That’s amazing! Does that include the marathon? I would have a really hard time choosing between coffee or chocolate! I don’t think I could give up chocolate tho. It’s in too many good things 🙂 I’ve never been to Chicago but I really want to go! My next trip is Florida next month and I can’t wait…mostly for the Trader Joe’s shopping trips!

  2. When I was in Chicago a couple of years ago we went to five different brunch places and they were all amazing. Brunch was kind of our thing when we were there for some reason haha. So much good food there!

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