WIAW: I ran in the EVENING?

This lovely edition of What I Ate Wednesday comes from Friday, the day I started my latest Finish Strong Fitness Challenge, and one of the only times in my entire life I went for a run in the EVENING. I normally run in the morning and I don’t pay enough attention to what I eat throughout the day to have a settled stomach for a run in the evening so this one was a rarity!


Breakfast: In an attempt to get out of my eggs and tofu breakfast rut I switched things up and made a yogurt bowl for breakfast! I have now transitioned into overnight oats for my daily kick-starter breaky but this one was super good too. Plain greek yogurt, apple, frozen blueberries that I thawed in the microwave, walnuts and pecans. NOM.


Lunch: A portable snack plate like ALWAYS. I can’t stop bringing snacky foods for lunch, it’s just too easy to munch and work… which I guess is why I get nauseated from sitting at the computer so long. I had popped wheat thins, laughing cow cheese, veggies, and hummus.


Snack: A scoop of chocolate whey protein powder mixed with an individual container of Muscle Mlk… aka protein on protein on protein that tastes like chocolate milk. It definitely held me over and was easy enough on my stomach that I was totally ready for a run when I got home from school.


Yeah, it was like -2 when I left for school and I wore a dress… whoops.

Dinner: After a speedy 3.1 miles just as the sun was setting I whipped up a vegetarian taco salad for dinner. Soy protein “ground round” (which sounds repulsive but is SO good), mozza cheese because I was too hangry to shred cheddar cheese, salsa, lettuce, and tomatoes.


I then enjoyed a super crazy Friday night of laundry, prepping meals for my weekend at work, driving MY DAD to a party, and buying my mom cough syrup at the drug store. SO WILD.

Favourite portable lunch? I NEED new ideas.

What is your favourite soup recipe?

What did you eat for dinner last night?


  1. Yep, ground round sounds horrible. I love snacky lunches/dinners too! It’s all about the variety and they’re so easy to prep.

    I made a massive kale salad last night to feed me throughout the week – I just need to add protein to it & whatever else I can find in the staff cafeteria. I’ve been eating yogurt bowls for lunch lately too.

    Last night’s dinner was half a baked sweet potato, the kale salad I just talked about, tofu and dates + PB. I thought of you while I was eating it – it seemed like something you’d appreciate! 🙂

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