WIAW: That uber delicious edition.

Just make sure to wipe your keyboards free of drool when you finish reading this post.


Breakfast: Well this one isn’t really crazy or different than normal, I ate my usual eggwhites (seasoned er’ day with dill and garlic salt), smoked tofu, and grapes. Grapes from Costco have been SO SO SO amazing lately. My mom bought a 5lb container of them on Saturday and they were gone by Tuesday… oops.


Morning snack: After working the morning away at school I realized it was almost 11am and my stomach was growling. I ate a Quest bar (Cookies and Cream) and a banana to hold me over until I was ready for lunch. I always think bananas are such a good idea when I toss them in my school bag but then when it comes time to eat them they have somehow ripened to mush. Blehck.

morning snack

Lunch: This lunch is brought to you by Filistix, the cafe in my school building. In the three and a half years I have been at this school I had never bought food from this place before… which was probably for the best because now I am going to want it ALL THE TIME. It’s super delicious. I had the falafel and rice bowl, which comes with a side of almond cranberry coleslaw.


Afternoon snack: I was craving pizza for dinner so I set out making dough and letting it rise and such but in the meantime I was super hungry so I munched on carrot sticks and red pepper hummus while I waited for my pizza dough to rise, the veggies to cook, and the pizza to bake.

dinner snack

Dinner: Voila! Perfection. I used the whole wheat pizza dough recipe my family loves and just made 1/4 of the recipe. It turned out perfectly. I didn’t eat the crust because there was a little too much pizza crust for my liking (yeah, I know I was the one that made it) and all I wanted was more of the toppings! I had zucchini, mushrooms, and olives on my pizza… all of my favourites!


When I have fitness goals in my head my nutrition is SO much better. I kind of can’t wait until Friday when I start a new strength training routine because that means I will feel like eating healthier too. I mean this day wasn’t really terrible, I got lots of veggies and protein in, but then after my pizza I was watching a movie and just really craving chocolate.


Yeaaaaahhh… let’s not talk about it.

I hope to be back next week with a somewhat healthier day of eating but for now, let’s enjoy the photos of my cheesy and delicious eats. 😉

Do you find you eat healthier when you are nailing your fitness or vice versa?

Favourite Quest bar flavour? I need a new box soon!


  1. I definitely feel more motivated to eat healthy meals when I’m working out regularly. Unless I’m super exhausted and then I just grab whatever I can find, which usually isn’t a good thing.

  2. Your eats look super healthy to me! Chocolate = #LIL (life into living)

    My fav Quest bar is s’mores – I prefer the more ‘neutral’ flavoured bars – with chunks of stuff in it! I WANT THE PUMPKIN ONES BUT CAN’T FIND ‘EM!

    I actually think I’m kinda allergic to Questies – they make my throat swell/feel weird. Hahahaha.

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