80s Workout Playlist.

A couple of weeks ago I did an 80s spin class with both my morning crew and my evening crew. THEY LOVED IT. To be honest, my mom actually requested more “relatable” music instead of Biebs, Taylor Swift, and Steve Aoki. It was such a fun spin class that I actually added some of the 80s music to my gym playlist so I could dance around in the gym to the fun tunes!


  • Jump – 4:03 – Van Halen – A great warm up song. It’s my dad’s favourite song and I actually had it on my iTunes already from when he came to one of my spin classes! It really gets the heart rate up and it perfect for a few minutes on the elliptical at the gym too.
  • Didn’t Start the Fire – 4:05 – Billy Joel – This song is so fun!  A few of my spin participants knew ALL of the words to this song! I was super impressed but they still weren’t allowed to reduce their bike’s tension. 😉
  • Footloose – 3:54 – Kenny Loggins – Seriously, how does this song not fire you up and make you want to dance. I really wish I was a good dancer, I have the energy… just no rhythm.

  • We Built This City – 4:26 – Starship – I did a hill climb to this song in spin but I like it as a resting song when I’m doing weights. It’s not super fast but it has a steady beat.
  • Black Betty – 5:30 – Ram Jam – If you are running sprints or doing high intensity intervals in spin class this song is great! It’s so fast especially during the chorus!
  • Thunderstruck (Crooker’s Remix) – 5:25 – ACDC – Okay, so not the original but I L-O-V-E this remixed version and I played it probably for two months straight in spin class in the spring. It is awesome for endurance work and also a great pump up song when I attempt to load a a few pounds on the bench press barbell.

  • Don’t Stop Believing – 4:10 – Journey. You really can’t have an 80s class without a little Journey. It’s not a super high bpm song but works well for hill climbs in spin class or for a long run slow track.
  • Pour Some Sugar on Me – 4:53 – Def Leppard – Just a right classic. Again, a great hill climb song but I really think this one is perfect for the gym if you are lifting weights.
  • Hungry Like the Wolf – 3:42 – Duran Duran – You can find some pretty awesome remixed versions of this song but the original is a nice classic.
  • Wake me up before you go go – 3:44 – Wham! – I just love the energy in this song. I usually put it closer to the end of a spin class to refocus everyone’s energy and get people back into the game. SO FUN.

  • Paradise City – 6:48 – Guns N’ Roses – Just a beauty of a song. Yeah, it’s long, you can probably find shorter versions out there but I like having one or two longer drills in my spin classes so that’s exactly what I used this for. People really love not getting a rest for almost 7 minutes in class. 😉
  • Take on me – 3:52 – A-Ha – I like that the beat slowly gets faster in this one so if you need to keep upping the intensity of your workout I use this to get people going faster and faster on the bike.
  • Take it easy – 3:32 – The Eagles – Cool it down with this fun Eagles song. It’s also awesome leaving with a song that says “take it eassssssyy.”

If you aren’t super into these songs I can guarantee that your mom will love them HAHAHA. Diving back a few decades into fun and upbeat songs is super awesome, my spin participants love it and I now have a few new faves on my gym playlist!

What is your current favourite song?

Favourite decade of music – 80s, 90s, 00s, or now?! 


  1. You could probably make a pretty good 70s playlist from the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack too.
    Right now I’ve got The Ghosts of Beverly Drive by Death Cab for Cutie stuck in my head. Very catchy.

  2. This is awesome! I have had a few 80s runs in the past where I’ve wanted to listen to the old 80s music instead of what is new. This is a great list! Don’t forget about Top Gun soundtrack!

  3. Love this playlist! I have most of these songs in rotation on my ipod for running. They instantly take me back to my childhood.

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