Fitness Friday #5.

Welcome back to another edition of Fitness Friday! Not sure what it’s about check out the original post HERE! I am so excited to once again be hosting a link-up for Fitness Friday, a chance to share a fitness related link, whether it’s a recap of your workouts, a vent about something fitness-related, some tips and tricks for the gym, or some goals for a race, feel free to add your link at the bottom!

Fitness Friday Canadian Girl Runs

This week ladies and gents. Oh man. PHEW. I am slightly happy it’s over and I have a weekend at home to spend studying and finishing a few papers. I worked at my part-time job Monday, Wednesday, and tonight for five hours, and I taught spin on Tuesday and Thursday evening which makes 5 straight looooong days. I’ll stop complaining because I honestly love each and everything I do every day so it’s SO WORTH IT.


My days are long but they are heading in the direction of a graduate degree with a ton of supportive people around me so life is pretty great. As were my workouts this week! I did basically the same routine as last week and felt pretty good about everything so that means I probably need to switch it up or add weight or do some HIIT cardio or something. No time to get comfortable in this fitness regime when I know I can challenge myself and push harder. I’m ready for it.giphy

I just cannot get into a good nutrition routine right now. The struggle is real. I do so well all day and get home and it’s like, “Oh dark chocolate sitting on the counter? Sure, don’t mind if I do.” *eats 10 pieces*  “Veggie pizza served at work for registration day? That sounds like dinner to me.” *grabs a slice* Ugh, it’s the worst but I am obviously the only one who has control over that sooooo time to get to eating a little better.


I work so hard in the gym but I haven’t been seeing the results I want simply because my nutrition has NOT been on fleek lately. Nothing terrible but I’m definitely lacking some intuitive eating as of late. At least my workouts are killin’ and I feel really good about the strength I have gained in the last 5 weeks!

Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 8.11.40 PM

Have an AMAZING weekend. NO. You know what? MAKE it an amazing weekend. 🙂

Join the fun! Add a fitness-related, any fitness-related link to the link-up below and take a peek at how others are staying active! Have a fit and fabulous weekend and happy Fitness Friday!

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