Holiday Running Wishlist.

When my brother and I were little, we used to circle every single thing we wanted for Christmas in the Sears Wishbook. My mom would even have to pick up two Wishbooks so we could each have our own. It was one of my favourite things to do in the days leading up to Christmas because it felt like everything we could possibly have in our lives was in that Wishbook, a cotton candy maker? Easy bake oven? Indoor soccer nets? We were in heaven.


Note: I’m thinking of wearing my hair the same way for Christmas this year as I did in 1999. Thoughts?

Now the internet makes it a little bit easier to browse the world for “wish list” gifts but there is also SO much out there now that it is overwhelming. I miss the days of circling the Wishbook. As I’ve grown older I have begun to just appreciate the season of Christmas and everything that comes with it, family, friends, get-togethers, baking, hot chocolate and fireplaces, music and happiness. Keep that in mind, as I describe some running “wish list” items, because I truly appreciate a less materialistic Christmas, but it’s always fun to dream and circle our virtual Wishbooks.

Holiday Running Wishlist

1. Lululemon Rebel Runner crop. I recently bought two pairs of these crops for running (to replace my Lulu Run Inspire II tights) and I love them! I like the high waist for working out and they are super comfortable, but I am even more in love with the “wine berry” colour that looks equally as awesome with boots and a cute top.


2. NorthFace Denali Thermal Mitt. I am a mitten > gloves girl because mittens keep my hands so much warmer. While I normally don’t run with gloves because my hands are abnormally warm when I run, I really love having warm mittens for a run warm-up, hiking, snowshoeing, or a walk in the crisp winter air.


3. Under Armour ColdGear Infrared Crew. Winter means layers upon layers upon layers upon layers. I lack a lot of “long” base layers that I can run with and layer on top of when snowshoeing. I like long sleeves so I can wear vests in the fall and warmer winter days!


4. Fun Christmas compression socks from ProCompression. I prefer sleeves over socks but last year I got one of my running friends blue compression socks with snowflakes on them! They were super cute and if you’re an outdoor runner OR like them for recovery during the holidays, they are perfect. ProCompression always has awesome seasonal socks!


5. MEC Chaos Ivy Pom Toque. It might be more fashionable than workout-worthy but this toque is super adorable and I would probably wear it running even though it might not be meant for that. Plus if you don’t feel like showering right after your run (HEY IT HAPPENS), you can wear our toque around and cover your sweaty and messy hair (#guilty).


6. 2016 Training Journal because what better way to tell a runner they are awesome then to give them a gift that says, “buuuuut try harder next year.” πŸ˜‰ If you know that a runner loves to jot down their workouts or just likes goals and a schedule you can personalize a training journal for them!


7. A massage. If you really love a runner, buy them a massage gift certificate for a registered massage therapist. They will love you forever and ever. I say this having just had a massage yesterday and enjoying every single second of it so much so that I almost fell asleep and only woke up when the background music changed to waterfall noises that made me have to pee.


Happy shopping for the runner in your life… and if you have no runners to shop for, email me and I will happily send you my mailing address. Remember, this list is totally for fun because I really believe in less materialist holidays and spending quality time with people who are important in your life! I am just so stoked to be getting caught up in the holiday spirit!

If you had a running wish list, what would be #1 on it?

Favourite winter running accessory?

Compression socks, sleeves, or nothing?


  1. I’m with you on that amazing toque! Honestly I would say shower yes, washing hair not always… #longhairproblems
    My running wish list item is probably a new vest though I don’t have one picked as of now.

    1. I love my Sugoi Versa Jacket
      I just bought one of last year’s model (my second one) for more than 50% off. The sleeves are bolero style and attached by magnets. You can keep running, pull off the sleeves and tuck them in the back pocket once you get hot. Easy switch from coat to vest which I find very handy as I start cold but get pretty hot in a full jacket. Just layer apporpriately and it is good in all temps – I’ve had it on in cool fall weather and in -30. It looks like the newer version has been made a little longer and has a few other changes.

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