I swear I’m not a Belieber.

Most people I have talked to lately are not-so-secretly enjoying a lot of Justin Bieber’s new songs. I hate to admit it but, I think I’m one of them. I had completely written off Justin Bieber, you know after he got arrested and dressed like a neglected baby, but his latest tracks are SO GOOD. I catch myself playing them way too often and they have even creeped into my workouts. I hope I’m not the only one who is going through this confusing phase.

  • When you’re in public and you hear “Love Yourself” and try to pretend you’re not enjoying it. NO I AM NOT HUMMING ALONG. I DEFINITELY DON’T KNOW ALL OF THE WORDS.


  • When you’re in private and you play “Sorry” six times in a row and danced each and every time you played it.


  • When you see a gif of the Biebs in his underwear and you don’t hate it.




  • When you see someone beside you at a red light with a Justin Bieber song playing and you are about to make fun of them when you realize that you too have a Bieber song playing in your car…


  • When someone in your spin class notices that you played TWO Justin Bieber songs in one class even though you previously talked about how much you hate the little punk.


  • When you finally have just accepted that you might possibly be on the verge of being potentially maybe a Belieber and strut around the gym with “What do you mean?” playing in your ears.


Just an FYI, “Love Yourself” makes an awesome cool down song in spin class and “What do you mean?” is a great warm-up song! Sorry spin classes, I don’t know that he will be pulled out of rotation anytime soon. 😉 I hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend! I got to head out for some snowshoeing yesterday afternoon before all of our snow melts in this fabulous sunshine! If you need a Sunday laugh… you’re welcome –>


  1. Haha! I listened to the full album over the weekend and was pretty underwhelmed considering all the hype. I only liked the singles “What Do You Mean”, “Sorry” and “Love Yourself” but the rest did nothing for me.

  2. Oh my God….that karaoke clip just made my night. THANK YOU. Yes…getting on the Beiber bandwagon. I can’t help it: Love Yourself sold me.

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