My favourite things about this weekend.

I feel like I have really had one loooooong weekend over the past 9 days as it has been Fall Reading Week at University. I have tried to keep up my productivity with school work, but that hasn’t gone overly well. This weekend was pretty great and felt really relaxing! Some highlights from the past few days:

  • I worked. Not typically a “highlight” for normal people but I got to work with great people this weekend so it wasn’t totally awful. Plus I need to buy Christmas presents soooo $$$.


  • I took a day off of working out. I killed my workouts over the past week so on Saturday I was exhausted. I love getting to the weekend feeling really accomplished in the gym so I have a ton of flexibility with my exercise routine on the weekend. I decided to take Saturday off of exercise after work because my body just needed a break and was so tired. I also felt I would have a much better run on Sunday if I rested the day before.


  • I love coffee on the weekend. Sipping a hot cup of coffee and lazing around the house on a weekend, especially when it’s cold out is the bomb.


  • I am trying to be more experimental with my make-up and I tried out a bright red lip stick on Friday at work. Apparently my attempt at putting myself together is shocking to everyone because a lot of people commented on it. My boss asked if I had a date after work… HA HA HA.


  • Last night I went to the Dallas Smith concert with one of my best friends. I am so glad I have someone who likes country music as much as I do. That dude is so talented. Of course he sang my favourite song of his, “Cheap Seats.”

  • I have a massage this morning and I just can’t wait. I am trying to use up my extended health care massages before the end of the year so I have one a week until January. I go for 30 minute massages and it’s both relaxing and painful, but I always leave in better shape than when I left.


  • Finally, my weekends are also all about sports. I like being active but I also love watching hockey and football. I have officially won in two straight weeks of fantasy football so things are looking up… or the other teams just had really off weeks. 😉 Oh well, just take a look at my roster and know that you should probably fade those picks.


With all of the insanely terrible global events happening it’s hard to talk about really trivial parts of my weekend but I also want to appreciate and be grateful for every single day I have and do the things I love. My thoughts are with the city of Paris. <3

How was your weekend?

What is your favourite part of the weekend?


  1. Sounds like you had a pretty great weekend! And yeah, where’s the lipstick selfie!!

    My favourite part of the weekend is Sunday morning when I don’t have Liam, going out for a run and coming home to have a nice warm bath and coffee to warm up again. It’s perfect.

  2. What, no lipstick selfie?! 😉

    I had a massage today too! I’m also trying to use up my benefits before the end of the year! But you only go for 30 minutes? That’s a tease! Haha. The massage was the best part of my weekend as I pretty much had a horrible weekend. I feel bad for complaining about it on my blog after reading your post on positivity, but I just couldn’t fake a happy weekend recap post 🙂

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