People love positivity.

People love positivity. It’s science. I find that the more I surround myself with positive people, the more positive I am. There are days where resting bitch face doesn’t leave my face all damn day but I try to keep those days few and far between because I love being optimistic, I like being positive, and I think that a simple smile is something that can change your day and the day of the people around you. It’s simple, people love positivity.


I’m talking about true and genuine positivity. When someone smiles because they are grateful for life. When someone sees the silver lining of a situation and their reaction to something not-so-wonderful, like a running injury or a cancelled plan, is full of optimism. I’m definitely not talking about fake positivity, the annoying kind.


A few cases of how much positivity can make people happy rang true for me over the last week. I taught a spin class on Tuesday night and there were plenty of new faces on the bikes. I made sure to get everyone set up properly and I could tell throughout the class that some people were struggling. At the end of class I always ask people to come talk to me if they have any questions or comments. I had a few people come up and thank me and tell me they’d see me next week, and then one girl stepped up and told me that it was her first class and she was shocked at how hard it was, but told me that she loved how motivating and positive I was. She said she couldn’t believe how much I smiled throughout class. That was such good feedback for me because that is something I focus on each spin class. No matter how long or stressful or tiring my day was, it is my job to be positive and encourage my participants to have their best class ever. As soon as I get going with the class, I try my hardest to smile and make people feel welcome and like they can accomplish anything. Yesterday, after I subbed a spin class, one lady, a regular to the class, told me that my motivation and positivity was just what she needed that morning. #nailedit


A second instance where I was reminded of how much positivity (or in some cases negativity) can change a situation was a staff meeting last weekend. It was a staff meeting turned vent-sesh and I just sat there waiting for some actual information or for people to stop whining! I brought up some questions regarding the possibility of a charity aquatic event (I work part-time at an aquatic recreation centre) in order to simply change the subject and luckily it turned things around somewhat. The next shift I worked my boss called me into her office as soon as I got there. I got super nervous as I walked in and then she told me, “Kris, thank you so much for turning the meeting around and bringing something positive to the situation! It was going downhill fast before that.”


I am happy to work with and go to school with some awesome people. There are so many positive people in my life and it makes me smile more, laugh harder, and always try to see the good in a situation. One of my best friends says I’m a terrible movie critic because I try to see the good in a movie and never want to say something negative! Haha, I’m quoted as saying, “But I’m sure everyone tried their hardest to make this movie and why would I criticize someone’s life work?!” Let’s take this Monday to be positive and smile more. I’m guilty of resting bitch face but I’m working on it. 😉


Tell me something that makes you smile! 

Best thing that happened to you this weekend?


  1. I love this. The world needs a lot more people to see the positive side of all of life’s situations rather than constantly focusing on the negative. How much more enjoyable would life be if people smiled more!

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