Thinking Out Loud Thursday #38!

Happy Thursday people! I don’t know how time is going by so fast but yesterday I started to write the date as “October…” and it’s safe to say that driving around and seeing all of the Christmas lights means it’s not October. The lovely Amanda at Running with Spoons is every so kindly hosting Thinking Out Loud Thursday and if you haven’t already checked out her blog and tried one of her unbelievable recipes go do that NOW.


  • I haven’t started my Christmas shopping yet and I am already getting panicky about it, mostly because I don’t have any really great ideas for my family. I try to really put a lot of thought into their gifts and NO ideas are flowing right now. There are only 36 days until Christmas!


  • I reached the 100 page count on my Masters thesis this week. It made me want to celebrate and cry at the same time, just knowing I have so much more to do and so few months to do it! Send coffee.


  • Even though I JUST talked about how running is super simple for me right now and so relaxing and enjoyable, I get very race envy reading other bloggers’ posts about races and marathon training. Jo is currently training for the Los Angeles marathon and Kaella just got back from Las Vegas and New York races. I have run envy right now, someone needs to stop me before I register for another 26.2 nightmare. šŸ˜‰


  • We’re basically BFFs, Dallas Smith and I.

dallas smith

  • I was having one of those 3pm slump “I’M SO THIRSTY AND I NEED FIZZY WATER RIGHT NOW” moments this week and I was in such a hurry to get back to my office that I caught my keys on my office door and ripped my skin open. That’s the price you pay for over-excitement about Fresca.


  • I think with red lipstick there is a fine line between trashy red lips and classy red lips. I’m still not sure which side I fall on. Note: There is no make-up in the world that matches an “Edmonton Winter Pale” skin tone.

red lips

  • I had to check online last night whether it was a full moon or not because customers at work were INSANE. I was asked the most random questions and told the craziest things and I truly thought everyone had read my “be a positive person” post and just wanted to see how far they could push me to hold myself to that positive standard. It was mind numbing and I was so happy to only have a five hour shift of that yesterday.


  • Once I had a good conversation with my parents after work (aka. an embarrassing ugly cry sesh) I thought about my day and realized that I let a handful of people ruin it for me and leave me feeling upset. For every one person that insulted, yelled at me, or told me off, there were 50 people that were friendly, complimentary, and just simply nice. It reminded me of one of my favourite quotes:

The world is full of nice people.

If you can’t find one, be one.

  • It got pretty chilly and windy here in Edmonton yesterday and if it’s going to be cold I at least want to see some snow on the ground so I can go snowshoeing! šŸ˜› I am going to make it my mission this year to go skiing at least once because I used to ski all the time when I was young and I miss it like crazy! Here’s a little throwback for you HAHAHA.


On that note I hope you enjoy the rest of your week, just think – it’s almost Friday!

Do you ski or snowboard? Where is your favourite place to go?

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?

Tell me something random!


  1. I LOVE the lipstick on you!!! So nice! I have a few Christmas gifts but still need to pick up a few small things. I’m really trying to focus on sticking to a budget this year. I spent too much money racing/traveling in 2015 so I need to buckle down and pay off some debt.

    I’m trying not to sign up for #alltheraces right now too! I am close to committing to another marathon though! šŸ˜›

  2. Love the lip colour!

    I was feeling the same way about Christmas shopping. I want to be done early so I can enjoy December and take Liam to do lots of holiday activities instead of rushing around shopping. But I had zero ideas. They’ve been hitting me though and I’m done the bulk of my shopping now. I just have to wait for it all to arrive and pick up some little things for gift exchanges and I’m donezo. Give it time, those ideas will hit you!!

  3. I have not started Christmas shopping yet and all my neighbors have their lights up šŸ™
    To be fair they had them up since November 1st so I’m not trying to complete with that…. but the shopping needs to start soon (especially since my daughter keeps “accidentally” leaving her Christmas wish list every where šŸ˜‰

  4. I’ll happily drag you out skiing šŸ˜€ I’m taking my first trip out to Marmot this weekend, which is my favourite place to go, but I’ll hit up Rabbit Hill if I need a quick fix and can’t get out for a while. And it snowed! I was having the HARDEST time getting into the holiday spirit since I’m not sure to not having snow at this time and it felt like August to me, but things are looking a little more festive now. But the drivers… o.m.g.

  5. That lipstick is beautiful on you!

    I ski, and I can’t wait to get out! We’ll probably go to Lake Louise next week which I’m super excited about since they’ve been getting tons of snow. I also go to Revelstoke and Panorama fairly often. Yay ski season!

  6. That’s a great red lipstick for you. Definitely classy!
    And I’m in the exact same boat with Christmas gifts. Thinking about it definitely makes me want to cry. I think I’ll just wait until black friday and try to do all my shopping online.

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