Thinking Out Loud Thursday #39!

Happy Thursday! If you live in Alberta like I do then I hope you are toasty warm while reading this because it is hella cold outside right now. Like -25 windchill cold. I kind of love it right now because it was so sunny and frigid cold yesterday and I was in heaven. To be fair I didn’t have to spend that much time outside so I was happy being in the brisk cold for the few moments I that I was. I am linking up with Amanda at Running with Spoons for another round of Thinking Out Loud Thursday!


  • Did everyone else know that the new weird emoji on iPhones was “hugging“? I genuinely thought it was a jazz hand emoji. I would probably use it as a jazz hand emoji over a hugging one the majority of the time.


  • I was planning on trying to get away to Jasper or some form of mountain this weekend for an escape from the city but as the weekend approaches and my school work load builds up towards the end of the semester I think I will have to spend the weekend indoors and writing papers. Sad face. While I am nerding out at the library this weekend I will be dreaming of the mountains…

Maligne Lake Alberta Canada (4)

  • On the bright side I think my mom is planning on decorating our house for Christmas this weekend and that is always so fun. I love the sight of twinkling indoor Christmas lights while my family is hanging out indoors on a cold winter evening and I have apparently loved gearing up for the Christmas season ever since I was young!


  • I worked at my part-time job at a recreation facility yesterday and it was winter swimming lesson registration day… aka the worst day of the year to work in recreation. It is always such a crazy day and I get to speak to a lot of very agitated parents but my managers usually try to make it fun with food and prizes so it ended up being a fun night. Most parents think their children will be swimming in the 2020 Olympics and the instructor was mistaken when they failed them. HAHAHA.


  • This is honestly so true. All the more reason to dance.

dnace like

  • On that same note, this is a cool article about a photographer who removed the smartphones from images to show how obsessed we are with them. It made everyone look so mad or sad and definitely made me want to put my phone away. I was talking to one of my friends yesterday who told me that I never have my phone when I talk to people and it makes me a really great listener… YES. NAILED IT.



  • Tomorrow is Black Friday in the US. I am incredibly impressed with the company REI as they are paying all of their employees for the day, closing up all of their stores, and asking people that instead of trampling people indoors for deals on useless material things thy #optoutside. It makes me happy to see a huge company doing something so bold.

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 10.06.22 PM

Enjoy your Thursday and I hope you have the opportunity to #optoutside tomorrow for Black Friday! I wish I could write papers while snowshoeing because I would totally be doing that tomorrow. Our snow is going to melt with some above zero temperatures this weekend so hopefully I get to spend a little time outside!

If you could be anywhere in the world right now where would you be?

Favourite life quote right now?


  1. Sorry, hate to rub it in, but I’m currently in Florida where it is about a 50 degree difference from Alberta weather! Haha! 😉 Ok, I like rubbing it in!

    100% jazz hands all the way.

    The quote (meme?) about dancing is 100% hilarious.

  2. Hugging?!?! Serious?! I was all for jazz hands, too. Heck, I’ll probably still use it as jazz hands since I’m betting no one really knows it looks like a hug. Because it doesn’t 😯 And that sucks about not being able to go to the mountains! I’m hoping to make it out the weekend after this one, so hopefully it’ll be nice then!

  3. As a coach, dealing with unrealistic parents is the worst!!! You have to give THEM the pep talk that failure is an opportunity to work harder and grow as an athlete. I hope I don’t become that crazy when/if I have children one day.

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