What running means RIGHT NOW.

It’s weird going through phases in fitness. One month I’ll be SO stoked on barre classes and toning my body and the next month I am obsessed with running and getting faster. Physical activity is awesome that way because there really are no limits. As long as I’m moving and active, who cares what I’m doing to get sweaty? It’s AWESOME.

run backward

Right now as I mentioned, I am focusing on strength more than anything. I am still running 2-4 times a week but it means something totally different now that I’m not technically in the middle of a marathon training cycle. Running right now is WHEN I want, WHERE I want, and HOW I want. I can run 2 miles on the treadmill just to get sweaty and warm up for weights, or I can get a nice and easy longer run outdoors on the weekend.

run forward

At this exact moment in time running is totally FOR FUN. It’s relaxing and there is literally NO pressure at all. I don’t try and put pressure on myself when I’m in training for races but it sometimes happens, where I get caught up in comparing myself to others and seeing other training cycles and everyone else getting better and faster and I feel guilty for missing a run or skipping speedwork or not hitting my mental pace target. The great thing about running for fun right now is just that, running has returned as something SO FUN for me. I like these marathon off-seasons. 😉


This whole “fun running” thing is dangerous though because then I begin to love running too much and start to think it’s going to feel just as awesome for 26.2 miles. I haven’t even signed up for another race yet because I still haven’t decided if a fourth marathon or a faster marathon is really a goal I want to shoot for. I am thinking about doing the Santa Shuffle 5K here in Edmonton as all proceeds go to the Salvation Army and it would be super fun. It’s on December 5th so if anyone wants to join me that would be AH-MAZING.


I want to sign up for a few fun races in the next six months just to keep running and have a good time doing it. I don’t know if a marathon is even in the near future for me but at least I know that I’ve done three and I could do it again if that is what I decided to pursue. Marathons are cool and all but biceps are cooler right? 😉

What does running mean to YOU right now?

Are you training through the winter?

Have you done any winter fun runs? Which ones?


  1. Haha this is so me! I go hard on running, then hard on something else, then I push super hard in training and then go to the total opposite end of the spectrum and just run for fun whenever I want. Running without having to worry about a big race feels so good. Enjoy the fun races!

  2. That basically sounds like running for me all the time. I just want to continue running at least once a week so I don’t lose my running base through winter but I’m not training for anything specific.

    I really wanted to run the Santa Shuffle, but I have Liam’s swimming lessons and then a birthday party that morning. I might try for the Resolution Run on NYE though!

  3. Right now I’m trying to build a base but also run without pressure. It seems to be backfiring though because I’m enjoying it so I’m signing up for more races! It’s like I go to run for fun, race a little, have so much fun that I sign up for more and end up racing more. I’m not doing tons of speedwork or super structured workouts so it’s still pretty chill, but I totally understand your ‘fun running’ problem, it gets too fun and we sign up for too much!

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