WIAW: A look at “before” meal prep.

On Saturday I did a TON of meal prepping, which you can read about HERE. Lots of soup, chili, and everything in between. I was getting so tired of packaged foods making appearances in my daily life and I was craving home cooking. With all of that said, this is a look at BEFORE the meal prep day. I chose to document Friday for WIAW because I went out for dinner with my parents and who doesn’t love to share new restaurants and out-of-the-ordinary days!


Breakfast: The latest daily occurrence… overnight oats. I mixed dried fruit in before I left them overnight and then topped them with peanut butter in the morning. And coffee always. On the weekend my mom bought Christmas Blend from Starbucks and I am SO SO SO excited to have some this week, it certainly is the most wonderful time of the year!


Lunch: I was at school all day and brought leftover kale and cabbage salad and Simply Protein protein chips for lunch. That is exactly the type of snack I want to avoid with my meal prep… WTF even are protein chips?


I walked to the bus stop to go to school (~2.5 miles) and then got off at a different bus stop on the way home and walked ~5.5 miles back to my house after school. My mom met me part way for the walk home which was nice! We were talking about how much neither of us wanted to make dinner as we walked home so when my dad got home we told him we were going out for wood oven pizza for dinner! There is a cute little Italian place that opened up in the summer a few miles from our house and I hadn’t been there yet so that’s where we decided to go! It’s called Buco and it’s fabulous!

Dinner: An Italian beer (handcrafted and bottled one at a time. I got the one the amber one that had a hint of grapefruit – DELISH) and fungi pizza. The pizza was paper thin, just the way I like it, and it had plenty of mushrooms on top. I may or may not have demolished almost all of it.



The dim lighting in that place made for terrible photos, I’m sorry! We had a delicious pizza dinner and it was nice to hang out with my parents with no technology and no distractions and just chat. My brother is away right now so I get to feel like an only child for a week. 😉

Favourite pizza toppings?

Last place you went out for dinner?


Lest we forget. Happy Remembrance Day everyone. Enjoy your day off and take some time to remember those who fought and are still fighting for our country. 🙂


  1. That pizza looks amazing!! I really love chicken ranch pizza (we are having this on pitas tonight for dinner) or just straight up pepperoni mushroom but my favourite is from Famoso with Brussels Sprouts and honey glaze. So odd but SO SO SO good.

    Last place I ate out for dinner? It’s been so long I hardly remember, probably Famoso to be honest.

  2. oh my god that pizza. Those mushrooms. If only it had olives too 🙂
    Also, I knew what you meant by a WIAW “before” meal prep before even reading this (I’ve done those haha). I haven’t been as great about meal prep lately so this week I went all out.

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