WIAW: Those weekend comfort foods.

I had such a lazy Sunday and I think my food throughout the day will totally reflect that. I woke up late (after going to sleep at 2am!), watched football and hockey, had a massage, and ran a few errands. It was the bomb diggity.


Breakfast: I walked 5 miles with my mom in the crisp fall air and then I dined on toast, eggs, avocado, apple and raspberries. It was delicious and perfectly paired with the first NFL games of the day. #GoGiantsGo


Lunch: Somewhere buried under the greek yogurt is a sliced banana, as well I topped it with nut mixture. Oh, and yes, that’s dark chocolate “bark thins” on the side because CHOCOLATE. I was just craving some of the good stuff.


Afternoon snack: A decaf soy americano misto with two pumps of sugar-free mocha… but I swear I’m not a high maintenance person. 😉 I love weekend coffee dates with friends and I think I have had one every weekend for months now!


Dinner: Everyone is my family was actually home for dinner together so I made homemade pizza! I always have roasted veggies and at least two kinds of cheese on my pizza. There were so many bell pepper and mushrooms, it was delicious!I made everyone eat upstairs and actually have conversation instead of the boys dashing down to the basement to watch hockey. Dinner conversation is honestly one of my favourite things about my family being together so I’m glad I forced them away from the TV for a meal. 🙂


Those photos actually made me really hungry. There is nothing better than lazy homemade eats on the weekend, especially when that weekend is full of much-needed sleep, football, hockey, and a massage. I probably should have started my Christmas shopping this past weekend buuuuuut I didn’t.

Do you have family dinners at all or is it more at holiday get-togethers?

Favourite pizza toppings? (“I don’t like pizza” is not an acceptable answer and I will probably think that is a spam comment. 😉 )


  1. We have dinners with my family every month or so… sometimes more often depending on what birthdays are happening :). Pizza is the best (how could someone not like pizza?!). I don’t know if I could pick a favourite topping but I had an amazing pineapple, bbq sauce and pulled pork pizza in Hawaii that is near the top of my list!

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