2015 was a really, really great year.

I recapped 2014 by saying it was a “really, really good year” so I’m going to go ahead and say that 2015 was a really, really great year. When I start to gather photos and posts for the year recap I get so overwhelmed by how much I have done in the year and how many awesome people and events have happened this year. Bear with me as I recap the incredible year that was 2015.

Year in review 15


At the beginning of January I started regularly teaching spin at an Edmonton Recreation Centre. It was my first spin class that I taught every week and not just as a sub. I just finished teaching at this position and I can’t believe how much I developed as a spin instructor over this past year!


January was also a bit of a somber month in our household as one of my dad’s coworkers was shot and killed at a local RCMP incident. It was a whirlwind not only for the family of the man who passed but for the entire city. I have never seen someone handle such a stressful leadership situation as gracefully and humbly as my dad, who was in charge of the detachment which the officer was stationed at.



In February I went to visit one of my best friends in Vancouver for a few days! I absolutely love visiting James on the west coast and it always makes me miss the ocean and living in BC a ton! We watched movies, did some touristy things, and drank beer on the waterfront.



I turned 22 in March of this year. TWENTY TWO! I enjoy my birthday so much (more like birthday week) but I never made a huge deal about it and it’s usually a quiet affair with close friends and family. I was battling a running injury and wasn’t even able to get a birthday run in to celebrate like I did in 2014!




In April I was officially diagnosed with a stress fracture in my 4th metatarsal (foot bone). After a frustrating battle between resting and attempting to rehab my foot it was a relief to get a diagnosis for my painful foot and confirm I wasn’t going crazy, as well I was given a bit of a timeline guide for recovery. It was also devastating. I had registered to run the Calgary Marathon but dropped to the 10K after the stress fracture. I spent April and May recovering from the stress fracture and celebrating any walk or run I was able to do!



I ran the 2015 Calgary Marathon 10K in May. You can read the recap HERE! After spending months recovering my foot stress fracture it was a miracle that I ran the 10K absolutely pain free and I have since been stress fracture-free and only battling minor aches and pains.



In June a few of my relatives came to visit and I took the plunge on something I had wanted for a long long time. I am a very organized, well-planned, not spontaneous person, so this tattoo was years in the making. I had to know I really wanted it. Six months later and I couldn’t be happier with my decision to finally get inked!


My dad and I also attended the local Aboriginal Day celebrations during the month of June as Metis Canadians ourselves. It was a great month of fun… with a side of school. I have been going to school full time for almost six years now and so even though I was registered as a full-time student in the summer, I was mostly working part-time on my research and thesis development. I think the summer was a much needed brain break and I really don’t regret my decision to work part-time!



July was a month of ups and downs. My grandma passed away at the beginning of the month, shortly after her 75th birthday, after a long battle with dementia and a recent broken hip. My family and I headed to Manitoba to attend her funeral and be with our relatives through the tough times. My grandma was a beautiful person inside and out, and the packed church displayed just how many people felt the same way I did about her delightful personality.


Shortly after we returned from Winnipeg, my cousins came and visited us! I still think of these boys as being about 5 years old so it was crazy to hang out with them being so grown up! We went to a baseball game, played hoops in the street, and went trampolining! It was a really fun visit with cousins I don’t get to see very often!


At the end of July my dad, mom, and I did the Tour De L’Alberta, a bike tour of the french towns surrounding Morinville, Alberta. It is a fantastic event. My dad and I rode the 160km distance (actually 166km) and my mom did the 100km! It was such a hot and long ride but we all did awesome in the fun event!



Slowly but surely we are expanding what we grow in our garden. From tomatoes to tomatoes AND basil… I know, getting crazy here. I definitely do NOT have a green thumb so gardening is very hit or miss with me but I think when I have my own place I will try my hand at growing some of my own herbs and produce! You absolutely cannot beat the taste of garden vegetables.


The biggest event of August, and one of the two biggest events of the year for me (tied with the Chicago Marathon) was my week with my dad hiking the West Coast Trail. Oh my goodness, I can’t even begin to summarize this trip of a lifetime so you’ll have to go back and read my recaps, but it honestly changed my life in the best way ever. I have never been more proud of myself or my dad before.


After the West Coast trail I headed back to Vancouver to visit James before heading home to start the fall semester at school. We lazed around, walked to Granville Island and explore the summer markets, and basically just relaxed for a week… the PERFECT recovery from hiking the WCT!



I headed back to full-time school in September but managed to make September a pretty fantastic month. My mom and I ran the Canmore Half Marathon, of which you can find the recap HERE. How can you not love a race in the Rockies in the fall? I used this particular race as a training run for Chicago.


In the last weekend of September I headed to Waterton, AB with a group of Alberta bloggers for a sponsored tourist vacation. I had met some of these ladies before but it was my first time meeting most of them! We all wrote excellent pieces detailing our experience there, which have been added to my “Travel” page, and I cannot honestly say a bad thing about the hiking and adventures we had in Waterton.



October contained the other big event of 2015… the Chicago Marathon. Not only was this my only marathon of the year, but it was in CHICAGO, now one of my favourite cities. I ran such an awesome race (not only time for me but as a whole experience) and I fell in love with the city of Chicago. From start to finish, my weekend was beyond expectations and I went with an awesome running friend who was perfect company for the trip!



At the very end of October my dad and I made a quick trip to Calgary for the Montreal Canadiens game versus the Flames, and decided to head out hiking near Canmore while we were in southern Alberta. We tackled the Middle Sister hike, a gruelling 8-hour adventure, made both fun and difficult by freezing temperatures, slippery and icy rocks, and windy peak conditions. It was honestly such a great hike and I hope to do it again closer to summer!



November was mostly about school school school. With three courses and a thesis to prepare, as well as a part-time job and teaching three spin classes a week I battled through the month and just barely escaped into Christmas vacation. It was surprisingly warm though here in Alberta so I made sure to get lots of outdoor activity whenever I could!



I would say December has been a relaxing month but I think that has only been the last week! December began with lots of school work, exams, and term projects, but ended with blissful holiday time and enjoying the season with family and friends. I managed to complete a December festive bucket list and really relax over the past two weeks!


2015 has been such a fun and challenging year for me. I have met some amazing people, done some incredible things, and really pushed myself out of my comfort zone. From first dates to tattoos to hikes I never though I could do, I have challenged myself to say “Yes” and it has been a life-changing paradigm shift. I can’t imagine how much more 2016 can bring but I know it’s going to be even better.


Thank you so much for reading every single post in 2015, I can’t wait to share with you everything I do in 2016. I read every single comment, I take advice to heart, and I truly appreciate every single person who stumbled upon my blog. THANK YOU!


  1. What a fantastic year you had! (Minus the sad parts). But you traveled to some cool places and did some really awesome outdoorsy things. Haha that sentence makes me sound not outdoorsy at all ;p I LOVE your tattoo! It’s beautiful and perfect for you. I hope I’m just as active with my kid(s) when they are older as your parents are with you.

  2. I love reading blogger year end recaps! I feel cool that we both ran the Chicago marathon and I read it like, “yeah, I was there.” 😉 Hopefully next year we both do it again and meet up!!!! Happy New Year 😀

  3. What an amazing year! You got things accomplished in a year that many might have taken a lifetime for! Especially enjoyed the West Coast Trail recaps!

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