90s Workout Playlist.

If you are reading my blog and plan on coming to one of my spin classes this week, SPOILER ALERT, we are going to be doing some throwback tracks for our workout! I had a blast teaching the 80s spin classes but as I am a 90s baby I am so excited to teach this playlist!

  • Strike It Up – Black Box. A fun and fast song for your workout.
  • Blinded by the Light – Bruce Springsteen. A nice killer climb on the spin bike for this one. If you haven’t started singing in the gym by now then you have a serious problem and should probably seek help.
  • Believe – Cher. HAHA YES. Fun fact, my brother dressed up as Cher and performed a song of hers with one of his good friends for his school talent show in Grade 3… so yeah he’s always been a weird one. 😉

How would you NOT have fun with this playlist? I have done a 70s, 80s, and now 90s playlist and I hope this one is the best! It will definitely speak to me because I grew up on these songs! I’ll try not to sing too loud when I’m instructing. 😉

What is your favourite 90s song?

What type of music do you listen to when you workout?


  1. Do you remember “Informer” by Snow? Ha ha…I was obsessed with that song! Still have never figured out all the words to it, though. I also went through a phase where I liked Colour Me Badd’s “I Wanna Sex You Up.” Now THAT was a cheesy music video!

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