Christmas Pop Quiz!

I know I know, I just did an A to Z About Me survey but I thought this was perfect timing to take part in a Christmas survey (aka steal this awesome quiz from other bloggers)! I absolutely love Christmas and as of 10pm last night I am off work for three solid days!

Eggnog or hot chocolate? Hot chocolate all the way. I really do not love eggnog, never have.

Favourite Christmas CD? Michael Buble’s Christmas album. SO GOOD. Also the N’Sync Christmas CD circa 1998.


Run on Christmas morning or day off? If it was really nice out, like not -20, I would probably go for a run but in most cases I end up going for a walk with my family. Sometimes post-gingerbread pancakes and coffee I am just not into working out and I decide Christmas is a good day to take the day off.

What do you eat Christmas morning? We used to make overnight cinnamon buns but now my perfect gingerbread pancake recipe is the best. We have also started to include more and more Baileys and coffee and less orange juice or milk. 😉

Besides Breakfast

Real tree, fake tree, or no tree? REAL TREE. It smells so good and although the needles shed like crazy, a real tree is just tradition in our house! We usually set it up after my brother’s birthday in mid-December so as to not take away from his birthday.

Christmas PJs yay or nay? HELL YEAH. Sorry for the virtual yelling, I just get really excited about Christmas pajamas, especially when they’re matching family Christmas onesie pjs.


Food that you always have during the holiday season?  I absolutely love biscotti during the holiday season. My brother made the most delicious biscotti ever this season, PEANUT BUTTER CHOCOLATE.

Open presents all at once or take turns? I think we used to just tear into all of the presents when we were little kids but now we do it one at a time and take our time. We usually have to get my brother up around 9am because the rest of us have been up since 6am waiting!


Favorite Christmas movie? Jack Frost, A Christmas Story, and Elf.

I randomly checked to see if I did a similar quiz last year and I totally did, you can check it out HERE! I finished my Christmas shopping (and helped others start/finish theirs) yesterday at West Edmonton Mall. I luckily found a parking spot pretty quickly and I felt mentally prepared for the crowds so it actually turned out to be a pretty fun adventure! I think Christmas shopping is completely tolerable with an ounce of patience, good company, and a relatively high level of caffeine in your blood stream. 😉

Do YOU have Christmas PJs?

Favourite Christmas CD and movie?

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