December Bucket List UPDATE.

School is out, exams are done, and I am fully in the Christmas spirit. My coworker told me yesterday that I was totally that annoyingly happy Christmas loving person… um, I’ll take that as a compliment. I started and finished my Christmas shopping in a matter of days (thank you online shopping) and I have so far crossed most items off of my December 2015 Bucket List.

  • Decorate gingerbread cookies. My mom invited my 9 year old neighbor over to our house to decorate gingerbread cookies because apparently her 22 and 20 year old children didn’t have the appropriate level of enthusiasm so we needed some help.


  • Drive or walk around to see all of the Christmas lights. My neighbor, mom, and I walked to see the most extravagantly lit street in our city at the beginning of December and since then I have also walked around our downtown to see the big Christmas tree, drove to see a super cool house that has a Christmas light show timed with a rock and roll radio station, and generally enjoyed seeing so many people with their beautiful houses. I think I should have had “Perfect christmas light photography” on my list because I clearly nailed it.


  • Watch Jack Frost and A Christmas Story. I have yet to watch either of these but with four complete days off work this week I am certain this will happen. I watched How The Grinch Stole Christmas and half of The Polar Express on the weekend and it was so great!
  • Go to a hockey game (or two) with my family. I went to the Dallas Stars vs Edmonton Oilers game at the beginning of December with one of my friends and it was SUCH a fun evening of catching up, laughing, and a little bit of watching hockey. Tonight I am headed to the Winnipeg Jets vs Edmonton Oilers game!
  • Go skating/snowshoeing/skiing/enjoy some sort of winter outdoor activity. I had such a wonderful afternoon snowshoeing on Saturday. I also went out earlier in the month but I think Saturday was my favourite snowshoeing day so far. We tried a new trail, watched the sunset, and enjoyed the most relaxing afternoon outdoors! Fresh air – can’t beat it.


  • Go for a 10+ mile run. This annoying cold has really messed up my running for the last week and a half but I still have 10 days to get this run in. It has been nice and cold (aka -20C) in the morning this week so this may have to be a treadmill run!

My grandma is coming tomorrow and after tomorrow night I have a solid three days off of work (cue the celebration). Despite emailing my mom a very detailed and specific Christmas wishlist (topped by none other than a new windshield) I could honestly care less if there were gifts under the tree for me. I get to spend the holiday season with my happy and healthy family and I couldn’t be more grateful. 🙂

What has been your favourite festive activity this month?

What are you looking forward to most about Christmas this year?

Who are YOU spending Christmas with?


  1. I thought I commented already (maybe I did and wordpress wouldn’t accept my password…) anyway, I love this bucket list! Snowshoeing is the best. And I have yet to see Jack Frost, I was told to have tissues ready and I wasn’t ready for that.

    I hope you had a terrific Christmas!

  2. I spent Christmas with Liam and my parents and it was perfect. Family time is the best part about Christmas for me and that’s what I look forward to the most. Just being able to relax, not have to worry about work, blogging, social media, errands, etc.

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