Fitness Friday #6.

Welcome back to another edition of Fitness Friday! Not sure what it’s about check out the original post HERE! I am so excited to once again be hosting a link-up for Fitness Friday, a chance to share a fitness related link, whether it’s a recap of your workouts, a vent about something fitness-related, some tips and tricks for the gym, or some goals for a race, feel free to add your link at the bottom!

Fitness Friday Canadian Girl Runs

I reduced my cardio this week as I felt really exhausted pretty much the entire week. I got about 6-6.5 hours of sleep each night this week and it was just NOT enough. I know I should have probably gone for an extra run or two this week but I just wasn’t feelin’ it.


Yesterday (my FAVOURITE day for strength training) was legs day and I killed it. I upped my seated calf raise to 120lbs and my leg press to 348lbs. I don’t know if I’ll be able to walk today morning but… I’ll take it. In the weights area these ladies were using 5 of the 8 barbells and would randomly just leave to go do something else and then come back and use a couple… SO ANNOYING. Gym etiquette should never be underrated!


Thursdays are awesome and tough because I spend an hour in the morning doing leg weight lifting and then an hour in the evening teaching spin. I worked the class pretty hard last night as it was almost all regulars who needed a bit of a push. 😉 I used THIS song in my spin class last night and I just loved it. You wouldn’t expect a country song to make a great spin song but it totally was!

I did a great week of strength training but again, didn’t quite do the cardio I wanted. I have been really pushing my strength this 10-week Finish Strong challenge and I am seeing some great results. I am getting a whole lot stronger and it is going to lead me into a great NEW challenge starting in the new year! I can’t wait! Here is a look at my week of workouts!

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 8.09.58 PM

I have a fun weekend planned and I’m super excited! It all starts with the Dallas Stars game tonight with a good friend, hopefully a solid run tomorrow morning, a dinner date, a staff Christmas party, a massage… IT’S GOING TO BE THE BEST!

red lips grey sweater selfie

Join the fun! Add a fitness-related, any fitness-related link to the link-up below and take a peek at how others are staying active! Have a fit and fabulous weekend and happy Fitness Friday!

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  1. Kind of unrelated, but I love your “hot gym guy” updates. I really want to start a weekly roundup of photos I’ve taken of hot guys in the gym. Lol!!! I haven’t taken any pics… “YET”. But I want to.

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