Fitness Friday #8.

Welcome back to another edition of Fitness Friday! Not sure what it’s about check out the original post HERE! I am so excited to once again be hosting a link-up for Fitness Friday, a chance to share a fitness related link, whether it’s a recap of your workouts, a vent about something fitness-related, some tips and tricks for the gym, or some goals for a race, feel free to add your link at the bottom!

Fitness Friday Canadian Girl Runs

A recap of my “kind of-somewhat-alright” workouts from the week. I skipped a bit of cardio because of this stupid cold and the fact that I enjoy cardio a lot more when I can breath out of my nose, but I got all of my scheduled strength training in so let’s call that a win.

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One of my really good friends signed up for the Phoenix Marathon in February and I am incredibly jealous and VERY tempted to join him for the race. I don’t think it would be a long enough training cycle to get me really ready for the race so it wouldn’t be the smartest idea but the thought of escaping to Phoenix at the end of February is so tempting!


Yesterday morning, after a rough sleep and having to get up in the middle of the night to take another dose of cold meds, I managed to somehow climb out of bed when my alarm went off at 4:55am. I probably should not have been driving in that state but I made it to the gym and got a pretty decent workout in, despite being hella tired when I arrived. The gym was EMPTY, not even Hot Gym Guy showed up.


I did a ton of glute and calf exercises as my Monday leg day was more quad-focused. It’s safe to say I am feeling it this morning. Glute cable kickbacks were my move of choice yesterday because I feel like I can really target muscles with that one. After 70 minutes of legs I hopped on the stepper for 30 minutes of climbing stairs. Despite being tired when I got to the gym, I had a ton of energy during my workout!


After this afternoon I am going to be taking two weeks off of school. My graduate supervisor likes to remind us that grad students “don’t get to take breaks” but I honestly feel that productivity goes steadily downhill when I don’t take time off and come back to projects with a fresh mind, a rested brain, and some quality family and friend time in the bank. I am going to enjoy my Christmas holidays and allow myself NOT to think about school for a little bit!


I have a super fun weekend planned this weekend and I am going to attempt to take more photos than the last few weekends (aka. zero). I hope it snows a little more for some quality snowshoe and adventure time but with the windchill below -20C it certainly felt like winter this morning! Actually, I may just cancel all of my weekend plans and watch Christmas movies in my bed with gingerbread waffles.


Only two more weeks of my Finish Strong 10-week strength training challenge! That also means it’s only 2 weeks until the new year! How on earth did that happen? I am preparing a 2015 recap post and already I am overwhelmed with how wonderful this year has been as I reflect back on events and things I want to include! There is a lovely dichotomy of food photos and workout photos that I have to sort through from the year!


Join the fun! Add a fitness-related, any fitness-related link to the link-up below and take a peek at how others are staying active! Have a fit and fabulous weekend and happy Fitness Friday!

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