Five things to love about snowshoeing.

I genuinely love snowshoeing in the winter. I guess I generally like being outdoors, because as long as you are dressed for the weather, Alberta is pretty gorgeous in the winter. The sun shines so bright and reflects off of the snow, and it makes for beautiful days and absolutely zero excuses to be inside. These are my top five things to love about snowshoeing.


  • It’s SIMPLE. It literally takes zero skill or coordination. It is just a walk in the snow with a little extra balance and support in deeper snow from your snowshoes. Unlike skiing or snowboarding which require a little skill, talent, and grace, snowshoeing can be done by anyone!


  • It’s FUN. It is really fun to be able to bring your favourite people, hit up your favourite trail, and walk and talk for as long as you want!
  • It’s VERSATILE, location-wise. Yesterday I went snowshoeing in a new-to-me area just 15 minutes out of town and it was awesome! We saw a deer bed and lots of animal tracks, but no animals!


  • It’s EXERCISE. Still battling a cold, I stuck with snowshoeing for two hours as my exercise for the day yesterday. It takes deep snow to actually get your heart rate up while snowshoeing but the rest of the time it is equivalent to walking fitness level.
  • It’s EASY to gear up for. You need snowshoes… that’s it.


I had such a fun time yesterday afternoon snowshoeing, it’s basically just a great excuse to be outside and enjoy the sunshine. Once we finished snowshoeing we made gingerbread waffles for dinner using THIS recipe and then watched How the Grinch Stole Christmas, my FIRST Christmas movie of the season! I went to my neighbourhood ugly Christmas sweater party later on in the evening… yep, this is what it’s like having a younger brother.



I hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend and gets to spend a little time outdoors, snowshoeing or not! Just think how much better hot chocolate tastes when you actually NEED it to warm up your fingers from being outside. 😉

What is YOUR favourite thing about snowshoeing?

Favourite outdoor winter activity?


  1. I love snowshoeing! It’s such a great way to get outside in the winter, and I really like that you don’t need very much equipment to get going.

  2. HAHA your brother’s sweater is hilarious.

    I have plans to go snowshoeing with a girlfriend next week. There’s a local company that organizes tours with everything you need during sunset and then afterwards you get wine and wings at a restaurant close to the trails. How much more perfect does it get?

  3. I love snowshoeing! It’s so awesome here in Alaska where it’s dark for most of the winter and getting outside in the snow on any sunny day is so important!

    1. Exactly! I couldn’t imagine being in Alaska because it’s almost the shortest day of the year here in Edmonton and I am shocked at how little daylight we get!

  4. Love the pictures – there is nothing more beautiful than being in the woods on a winter’s day. I’ve been snowshoeing a couple of times but I tend to go cross-country skiing more. Snowshoeing is nice for when it’s really cold so I can dress up heavier/bulkier versus skiing 🙂

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