I may be having a good weekend, but…

Yes, I may be having a good weekend buuuuuut I am failing hard at photographing it. Like, I literally have zero photos from this weekend and I did so much fun stuff already! I am happy that my only plans today are to sleep in, watch football, contemplate doing some school work, and go for a massage. I will try to convey a few of the things I did this weekend without photos the best way I know how.

  • On Friday I got my nails did. I have never had gel nails before and it is taking some getting used to! I kind of sort of love them but this could become a very expensive habit! Getting fake nail is honestly the weirdest experience… they look pretty though.


  • I went out for dinner with a good friend on Friday night before we headed to the Edmonton Oilers game. I honestly haven’t laughed that much in so long… we had such a fun time and it was a great night!


  • I always say I’m going to take photos at hockey games but when I look around and see everyone taking selfies at the game it just seems so cliche… if you’ve posted an Instagram photo from one game, you’ve posted a photo from ALL the games.


  • On Saturday morning I slept in until 9:15am!! Unheard of for me! It was fabulous and I lazed around before heading out for a 7.75 mile run. I wasn’t totally into the run but whatever, I got it done. I really wanted to push it to 10 miles to cross something off my December Bucket List but that’ll have to happen another weekend. I always feel guilty when I sleep in but the internet tells me I need more sleep than I’m currently getting so it’s worth it.


  • The Royal Alberta Museum is closing it’s doors tonight so yesterday I headed there to check it out before it closed! It is moving to a new, bigger, better space but that won’t open for a couple of years. I can’t believe I hadn’t gone there before, it’s a pretty neat museum! Admission was free because it was their “goodbye celebration” so it was PACKED. People get very frustrated in crowds.


  • Last night after a lovely dinner date I headed to my staff Christmasparty. I wasn’t planning on going out to the after party but I am SO glad I did. It was a blast and really awesome to see people away from the work environment. I had lots of fun!


  • Now, today is a day for recovery, rest, and maybe just maybe getting some actual school work done. I am most likely taking a rest day from the gym but I’ll try to sneak in a walk somewhere because I go a little stir crazy being non-active all day!


I hope everyone is having an equally great weekend, I promise to be better about taking photos next weekend! 😉

What did YOU do this weekend?