Indecisive about future races.

I have the itch. It’s official. It’s been almost TWO MONTHS (what?!) since I ran the Chicago Marathon and now I am craving a race, a training plan, and a finish line. There must be something in the air or it’s that time of year because a few other runners who ran fall races are beginning to announce their race plans for 2016. It’s been a lengthy “down time” from training and I am ready to press ‘register’ on a few races, I just can’t decide which ones!

A few factors going into my race decisions:

  • Timing. I am NOT registering for a spring marathon. Never. Ever. Building that mileage in winter just hasn’t worked out well for me. I am looking at doing a spring half marathon and a fall marathon.
  • Location. Not too far and not in my hometown. I want to keep it most likely in Canada but I don’t want to repeat some of the races I’ve done a few times.
  • Rating. I want to do notoriously great races. Big or small, there are lots of great races I have yet to do across Canada.


These are some of the half marathon races I am considering for the spring, let me know what you think!

  1. May 1st – BMO Vancouver Half Marathon.
  2. May 18th – Woody’s RV World Half Marathon (Red Deer).
  3. May 29th – Toronto Women’s Half Marathon.

These are some of the full marathon races I am considering for the fall!

  1. October 9th – Goodlife Victoria Marathon.
  2. October 9th – BMO Okanagan Marathon.
  3. October 9th – Valley Harvest Marathon (Nova Scotia).
  4. October 16th – Scotiabank Waterfront Toronto Marathon.

It doesn’t help that I won John Stanton’s Running book from Becky at The Bex Factor in her blog contest. πŸ˜‰ Thanks Becky!! I was flipping through all of the training programs and it put me on the verge of being trigger happy with race registration. She even wrapped the prize in Christmas wrapping paper!

running js

While I decide which races I’m running, here are a few pics from last night…

I had pizza and beer for dinner THREE NIGHTS IN A ROW this weekend. Obviously I have learned a ton doing my Masters in nutrition. HA HA HA. My mom bought lulu lemon beer for me to try (Stanley Park Brewing) and it was meh. It was super light and definitely not my favourite but it was okay.

lulu beer

My brother and I went shopping for supplies to make ugly Christmas sweaters last night and I can’t wait to show mine when I wear it for an ugly Christmas sweater party. My brother had never been to Value Village before and said everything was “worn and stretched out”… um, yeah, that’s kind of the point of the store. πŸ˜‰

thrift shopping

I plan on signing up for races before the new year so I have some goals set in 2016. My plan is one half in the spring and one full in the fall, with potentially a couple of short triathlons thrown in during the summer. I am thinking about trying my hand at triathlons so why not?

Which races are YOU signed up for in 2016?

Which races should I choose for the half and full?Β 


  1. Oh I so feel you on this. I’m dying to sign up for stuff, but since getting injured I’ve only been cleared to run a few days now and I’m trying not to go overboard or commit to something I can’t handle. I’m thinking back-to-back half marathons in June (the Vacation Races Grizzly Bear Double Challenge – the Grand Teton Half followed one week later by the Yellowstone Half) and maaaaaaaaaaaybe my first marathon in November in Philly! Good luck trying to narrow down the races you want to do! Do you go on BibRave? They have lots of race reviews which is how I usually pick my races.

  2. If you’re looking for a super flat race – definitely Okanagan. The course is pancake flat, but the full course is two loops of the half, so it’s not the most scenic.
    I’m pretty sure I’ll be back running Victoria in the fall. I’m not sure yet if it’ll be the half or the full, but the course is gorgeous, but definitely hillier than anything in Alberta!

  3. Glad the book made it to you!
    Obviously I’m going to vote for you to do Woody’s even though I’m likely the only one. I’ll be doing the 10k. It’s a great race!
    I’ve heard good things about the Kelowna race, my coworkers go every year. It’s an easy one to PR apparently.

  4. I’ll be in Vancouver for the last week of April so if you do the one on May 1st I’ll come cheer you on!!

  5. I love how you just casually threw in the mention about triathlons..!! Yeah!!!
    I’ve run Vancouver in May twice and I love the race. I’d definitely recommend it and if I wasn’t racing in St. George the weekend after I would probably try and run that as a spring half marathon.

    Good luck deciding!

  6. I think you should DEFINITELY run BMO! It sounds like there’s going to be quite a few of us there this year. As for your fall race… I’ve heard amazing things about Victoria and Toronto!

  7. Lululemon made a beer? That is just bizarre to me… very strange but I might have to try it! haha
    I’m bookmarking this page because I think I may want to try my first half marathon as well! Very scary thought indeed. I think you should go for the BMO full marathon because who doesn’t love the Okanagan? πŸ™‚

  8. I’m actually headed to the Phoenix Marathon with my coach on Feb 27…almost guaranteed to be a good time.
    After that, maybe the BMO Vancouver Half in May and back for a second go ’round at the Chicago Marathon in October.
    AND other than road races, I’ve already signed up for the TransRockies Race (6 days, 120 miles) in August. That IS guaranteed to be a good time!

    1. I really want to head to Phoenix with you but I don’t think I have enough time to build my mileage back up and feel good about my race! πŸ˜› You think the TransRockies Races is guaranteed to be a good time?!!? πŸ˜‰

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