Marathon Monday: I booked my first race in 2016!

I am registered for a race in 2016. It’s official. I’m in. I don’t have a training plan or a coach or anything like a lot of other bloggers have posted about, but I know I am going to Vancouver in May! #amateur I was debating a few races back in THIS post, deciding which spring half marathon to run and which fall marathon to run. I have officially decided to run the 2016 BMO Vancouver half marathon.

Marathon Monday

A sea-level race at the beginning of May in one of my favourite places? YES PLEASE. Sadly, one of my best friends, James, is heading to Finland for two semesters abroad so he won’t be able to cheer me on but I am so excited to head back to Vancouver for the weekend! bmo_vancouver_header_5761

As I mentioned I don’t have a training plan explicitly for this race as I hope my New Years fitness challenge will align nicely with increasing my running distance. A half marathon is so much more manageable to train for compared to a full marathon so I don’t think it’ll be a huge problem to balance running and a continuation of strength training. I am just so excited to run near the ocean and be back on the coast again!


I have yet to register for a fall marathon but I am stoked to have at least one race on my calendar this year! I love having goals in mind so I can’t wait to hit the streets running with the BMO Vancouver half on my brain, the race should give me the motivation to run faster and farther and make this half marathon a great one!

Are you registered for a 2016 race?

Anyone else running the BMO Vancouver Marathon?


  1. Woohoo! I’ve heard that’s a super fun race, and yes – YVR!! Awesome.

    I’ve signed up for a bunch of races in 2016 in order to keep me fitness-y and motivated…. and one is in Vancouver as well, but in August (SeaWheeze).

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