Murray Christmas 2015!

What an incredible week of Christmas festivities! I had December 23 to December 25 off and it was so relaxing to spend a few days at home, mostly in my pajamas, with family and friends. I was spoiled rotten for Christmas and I feel like everyone in my family exchanged really personal gifts and it was so fun to see everyone open them Christmas morning!

The day before Christmas Eve I had the house to myself for a few hours during the day and it was HEAVEN. I walked my grandma’s dog, watched a movie, and lazed around. I think I am doing a great job using this break to catch up on my sleep!


Christmas Eve I woke up well rested after 10 straight hours of sleep. I went to the gym for a workout and by the time I was ready for the day it was noon. I got to finish Polar Express and top off my holiday movie watching before heading back home for fondue. Of course our night ended with a onesie pajama photoshoot, lots of laughter, and then a relatively early bedtime to await Santa. 😉



I don’t know if there will be an age where I don’t get excited for Christmas. I didn’t sleep very well the night before Christmas, mostly because I was excited for my family to open their gifts. I rolled out of bed around 8:30 and promptly jumped in my brother’s bed to wake him up so we could open presents. We opened stockings, then had gingerbread pancakes for breakfast, then opened the rest of the gifts. My family and friends know me SO well!


We spent the rest of the morning in our pajamas, trying on things we got for Christmas, eating chocolate, and drinking mimosas. I showered around 1pm and we spent the rest of the afternoon playing games and watching my dad prepare dinner! We ate an early dinner so we could spend the remainder of the evening relaxing and playing more board games!


It was a really relaxing Christmas Day and while I probably took as few steps as possible and parked my ass on the couch most of the day, I think it might have been just what I needed to finally kick this cold and catch up on rest! I worked a solid 8 hours yesterday after a delightful breakfast date so I didn’t get to join the masses for Boxing Day sales, which is just fine with me!

Oh, and how did Christmas Day end you ask?


I hope everyone had an equally awesome Christmas! Whether you celebrate or not, hopefully it was a relaxing few days of holidays with family and friends. It’s safe to say any sort of healthy eating you normally see on this blog did NOT happen over this past week!


  1. What a great Xmas you had! Those days you get some time to yourself to relax, watch a movie, go for a walk are precious – so rare but make you feel so good. I was without family this year but it was nice to do things I don’t normally do – a.k.a laze around and watch too much Tv and read! Where do you work? I thought you taught spin, but not for 8 hours hah. Hope you enjoy the rest of the season.

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