Oh to be Canadian.

My brother and I just bought ourselves some skates in all of the after Christmas sale madness. I went with my dad on Monday to buy skates and it made me feel about 8 years old again because I was there, in Canadian Tire, picking out skates with my dad who was helping me try them on. It was super sweet of him to join me and after we bought them he dug his own out so we could go skating on the pond across the street from us!


It was super fun and my neighbours came out and joined us for most of it! I actually played hockey for a year when I was seven and it appears my skills are on par with what they were when I was 7. I am like Bambi on ice but slowly I was steadier and less nervous. I didn’t fall once the first time out! It was a little rough but a pond is a pond and I felt uber Canadian for skating on a frozen lake! They even froze a loonie into the centre of the rink!


Last night my brother wanted to test out his new skates so we headed to a different outdoor rink, one run by the City of St. Albert. They keep the lights on until 10pm so it was awesome to go skating at night! My brother, who played hockey for over a decade, was a natural and slowly regained his confidence and skill on the ice…



… I was still like Bambi. I tried to kick the puck away from my brother because I didn’t have hockey stick and I fell flat on my ass. Let’s hope it’s one and done for the whole falling on ice thing but I have a feeling that won’t be the last time. This is what happens when you ask your brother to take a photo of you.


We had a fun time skating but it was almost -15C (not including the windchill) so we were chilly fast and left after just an hour of skating! I’m glad I bought skates to have to option to skate almost all winter at the many outdoor rinks our town has!

Do you go skating in the winter? Or do you play hockey?

Best thing about your holiday season so far?

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