Staying somewhat moderately kind of healthy over the holidays.



Well I sure am but I’m not sure about my neighbour’s dog Bob. He is slightly skeptical about the whole thing. I love the Christmas season but I don’t love the fact that everywhere I turn there are treats, opportunities and excuses to miss workouts, and more alcohol than the previous 11 months combined! I want to keep my motivation up for the next 31 days and start the new year strong, so here are my top 10 tips for staying somewhat moderately kind of healthy over the holidays…

  1. Maintain consistency with your workouts. Don’t let any holiday excuses win, get to the gym, hit the streets for a run, do everything you are planning on doing for your new years resolutions, just do it NOW.
  2. Eat treats, but pick and choose what you REALLY want and not just one of everything “because it’s once a year” and they are right in front of you. My holiday treats that I just can’t pass up but make room for in my nutritious days are biscotti, dark chocolate bark, and gingerbread cookies.
  3. Drink LOTS of water. Just when you think you’ve probably had enough water for the day, drink one more glass.
  4. Go for lots of walks. Sure it’s cold and dark but getting outside is one of the best things you can do for yourself and trust me, if you go with someone else, sometimes the best conversations happen when you are walking and talking.
  5. Fill up on vegetables first. Take a walk around a buffet table or the food at a party and see what you really want to try. Fill at least half of your plate with vegetables, and then be picky about what makes up the rest!
  6. Choose people over plates. Ditch your plate and make conversation with people. If you’re munching while you’re talking you’re really not even registering how much or what you’re eating. Ditch the plate and indulge in your favourite people.
  7. Get lots of rest! The holidays are stressful for some people but don’t let that ruin your night’s rest. We tend to make poorer decisions about our health when we’re tired so stick to your nightly bedtimes and you will have so much more energy to KILL your workouts!
  8. Start your new years resolutions early. Begin to think about your 2016 goals or resolutions and think about how far you are setting yourself back each day you aren’t maintaining a healthy lifestyle with plenty of balance in December. Get started early and don’t wait another day, it’s doesn’t have to be January 1 to start working towards your goals.
  9. Wash your hands, take your vitamins, drink green tea, do whatever you do to keep your immune system up and running perfectly. The holidays are NO time to be sick so, in addition to rest, make sure you are keeping up with your micronutrient intake!
  10. Finally, if you have days off around the holidays, which I hope many of you do, use them to try something new like a new group fitness class (SPIN!), or go for an extra walk with an old friend, or try a new-to-you outdoor sport! The possibilities are endless and there are so many ways in the winter to stay active!


Happy holiday-ing… yes, it’s a verb now. The holidays are all about finding that perfect balance, yes it’s almost impossible, but maintaining consistent workouts, eating your fruits and vegetables, and getting the rest you need this season will hopefully keep you happy and healthy throughout the holidays!

What is YOUR favourite way to stay healthy over the holidays?

Any big plans for the holidays?


  1. Great tips! I’m injured and not cleared to run yet, and I’ve been taking lots of walks outside to make up for it. It’s such a good way to spend time being active and not technically breaking a sweat!

  2. All great tips!

    Because I work in a resort and there’s food (desserts) around constantly, I feel like the novelty has worn off. So when I want something sweet, it’s because I REALLY want it.
    I’m so excited for shortbread cookies though – they’re my absolute favorite.

    Oddly enough, I find I get into my best shape during the winter because I make myself go to the gym or do something active everyday.

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