Thinking Out Loud Thursday #40!

Last day of classes for the fall semester at University today… can I get a HELL YEAH. I still have a term project to complete, a presentation, a statistics final, and a thesis committee meeting, but still… last day of classes and I’ll take it! I am linking up with Amanda at Running with Spoons for Thinking Out Loud Thursday this week!


  • I had a big presentation yesterday (aka my entire seminar grade was based on a solo 40-minute presentation for my department) and I think it went really well. I wasn’t super nervous until the evening before and then all morning I was stressed out about it. I am so happy it’s over!


  • My car headlight burnt out and after replacing one last year I had another spare in my glove compartment. I changed the light and just as I was reattaching the wire hook that keeps it at the right angle I dropped the wire piece into the dark depths of the engine space under the hood… ugh. I was so proud of myself for replacing the headlight myself and then I failed hard at the end.


  • It was -15 when I walked to the bus on this particular morning. It was a good day not to wear a jacket. #Canadian


  • Hot Gym Guy asked me yesterday if I only do leg day at the gym. He said he was only 30% kidding. Hahahaha…. yes. I actually only have 2 leg days a week but I love them so much and if I didn’t get ridiculously sore after each one I would probably do leg day ‘er day.


  • My mom is the cutest person in the entire world. No matter how many times I told her that she didn’t have to fill an advent calendar for me this year (not because I don’t love and appreciate it, just because I feel guilty that she puts so much time and effort and money into it and she is a busy lady) she insisted on doing it. Mom you wonder why I haven’t moved out yet?? You put BEER and lotto tickets in my advent calendar!!


  • My staff Christmas party is on Saturday and I really want to wear an ugly Christmas sweater… in particular THIS ugly Christmas sweater. However I showed it to a few coworkers and no one got it. 🙁


  • This winter weather though. UNREAL. It is unheard of for Alberta (or Canada in general) to have above zero highs in December. I am starting to worry about having snow for a white Christmas!


I am so excited to go see the Dallas Stars play the Oilers tomorrow night. Tyler Seguin, you guys agreed, is so damn attractive, and I can’t wait to see him and Benn play. My brain feels like it’s going to explode this week but I have a feeling every student feels that way right about now. LAST DAY OF CLASSES.

Do you have an advent calendar?

Are you in school, did you go do school? What are/were you in?!


  1. Love the sweater! My son and I were just looking at that one the other day. Go for it!
    I’m kind of jealous of my kids’ Kinder chocolate advent calendars, so my hubby decided to buy one for my of my own. Never too old to appreciate unwrapping a chocolate every day leading up to Christmas!

  2. Your mom seriously rocks. I normally get boring old chocolate Advent calendars, but I went with one from David’s Tea this year and LOVE it. And the weather! Right?!?! I think we had a warmer winter like this a handful of years back, but it’s definitely not the norm. I’m just thankful that the mountains continue to get plenty of snow 😆

  3. Last year I did a craft beer advent calendar for my husband and he absolutely loved it. So now I have to do it every year haha.

  4. That’s so cute that your mom makes you an advent every year. I don’t have one this year, and haven’t for awhile, but I have been really wanting the beer advent and/or a Lindt chocolate one. Liam has a Lego one at his dads.

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