Thinking Out Loud Thursday #41!

I love thinking out loud Thursday because Amanda at Running with Spoons positions it at the perfect time in the week, just as my brain is starting to fry and I have a lot to say! I know that everyone is incredibly busy right now but let me tell you, I am incredibly busy right now. 😉 As final exam season has arrived, mixed with the excitement of the Christmas season, I feel like I am bursting with energy while also extremely tired. Hurrah for TOLT!


  • Life of Pi is confusing me. In an attempt to shut off my brain every night I am trying to get a good amount of reading in before I fall asleep. It really helps me get to sleep earlier but reading Life of Pi is giving me some weird dreams!


  • I had a supervisory committee meeting yesterday for my graduate program. I have mentioned these meetings on the blog before only because they are the type of meetings that you dread, prepare for hours for, have your soul ripped apart, your intelligence questioned, and your brain fried. I always need a cry or a run or a vent after these meetings. It was actually really productive yesterday but after the 90 minute meeting I was thoroughly exhausted!

Yes, THIS article is 100% accurate.

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  • My mom is making gingerbread cookies this week to decorate this weekend. I AM SO EXCITED. She has the best gingerbread recipe so I don’t know if she’ll let me divulge it on the blog, hehe!


  • I had a dentist appointment yesterday and NO CAVITIES. After the soul-crushing first cavity last year after 21 years of never having a cavity I am determined to let that be my one and only.


  • At work last night my coworker and I spent far too much time on Expedia. You know when it’s winter and you’re stressed and you are day-dreaming about escaping pretty much anywhere in the world… yeah, it’s a thing. We want to go to Europe this summer… anyone else want to join?


  • I absolutely love this girl on YouTube. She is a power-lifter and really makes the case for female weight lifting in addition to her videos being super funny and informative. If you are into weight lifting even a little you should check out MegSquats.

My goal is to start on my December Bucket List tonight with a walk to see some Christmas lights and maybe by watching a Christmas movie to get a break from studying. I wish we had more snow for the season because it definitely doesn’t feel like Christmas with 1″ of snow on the ground! I also want to go snowshoeing again! Happy Thursday and I hope to see you tomorrow with a link for Fitness Friday!

Do you follow any YouTube vloggers?

What are you reading right now?


  1. Oh keep with Life of Pi! So good, although, yes a bit confusing…or maybe some good food for thought is a better way to put it. I read it at the same time as a friend so it was nice to have each other to talk to about it. Then we saw the movie and both loved it, so be sure to watch it! I think it’s on Netlfix!

    I don’t follow any vloggers…I don’t have the attention span to watch videos longer than 2 minutes and let alone 10 minute videos! Haha. I much prefer to read things. Unless of course I need to learn how to do something…like curl my hair! 😉

  2. I don’t follow any vloggers religiously, but I definitely like to stalk a few of them every now and again. I’ve never watched any of MegSquats, so I’ll have to check it out. And I know about the snow, right?!?! Maybe that’s why I’m having such a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit this year…

  3. A few things: totally bring me with you to Europe, pleeeeease try to convince your mom to get that recipe, and if you want to watch a Christmas movie Elf will be on ABC family tonight! I’ll be watching it and geeking out over every single line because it’s one of my favorite movies!

  4. Oh my gosh, yes to everything about grad school!! I feel like I drastically underestimated both the intensity of the work, and my ability to take *ALL* of the criticism (and good lord is there ever a lot of criticism). I also feel like I’m constantly whining or totally fried from something, but I don’t really think my friends and family that aren’t in (or haven’t ever been) in a graduate program fully understand exactly how stressful and demanding it really is.

    I hope all goes well for you, and you get a break soon!

  5. I don’t follow any vloggers although someone posted a link to a girl doing makeup tutorials and I’ve been watching her videos a few times as I attempt to do “fancy makeup” for holiday parties hahahaha! Europe sounds amazing!!

  6. I follow makeup vloggers but no fitness ones. I think I spend half my life online dreaming up my next vacation. Europe, how fun! If you need any tips or advice I’ve been there a time or two…or four 😉

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