Thinking Out Loud Thursday #42!

Happy Thursday! An even happier Thursday for me because I am DONE exams and term papers and at the end of this week I will be taking two weeks of holidays before the winter term or thesis-writing begins for me! Time for some Thinking Out Loud Thursday with Amanda at Running with Spoons!


  • Being done exams and term papers this semester actually means I am done ALL of the coursework for my degree! I am in a thesis based program so the remaining semester will be spent writing my thesis, but I have no more classes to attend or final exams to write… just, you know, a two-year-in-the-making thesis to defend.


  • As of this month I am officially a published writer! My rant about trying to fit an athletic body into society’s skinny jeans (HERE) made it into the December 2015 Fitness Trainer Magazine! The editors contacted me to ask if they could use the piece in their December issue and of course I said yes because I love that post so much and think it speaks to some of the struggle female athletes may go through. You can find the link to the article HERE!

Fitness Trainer Article

  • In case you missed it yesterday, it was my mom’s birthday! Yep, my brother and mom both have December birthdays… talk about a busy month! My mom is the sweetest, most supportive woman and she is always doing so much for everyone else, it was nice to spend the evening with the family celebrating her birthday.


  • Yesterday I went for a massage before school (yeah, be jealous) and when I got off the massage table my mascara was a hot mess. I had freshly done my makeup for school and then when I was lying down for my massage it just smeared everywhere. The mascara mess and massage table lines on my face were totally worth the 30 minutes of heaven.



  • This is what happens when you let your 20-year old brother decorate gingerbread cookies. Or what happens when there is alcohol involved in gingerbread cookie decorating. SO INAPPROPRIATE. Also, my dad seems really into telling a story in this photo.


  • A little #tbt to the early 2000s when I celebrated Christmas by riding a horse led by a really attractive guy… wait why do I not celebrate Christmas this way every year? (<- Santa, add this to my wish list please)


  • I went on a lovely coffee tea date last night and ordered a soy mint tea latte, a drink I had forgotten about for so long after leaving my job at Starbucks almost two years ago. If you aren’t a coffee person OR need a decaf drink in the evening order this! Half sweet sub vanilla soy mint tea latte. SO GOOD, my date ordered the same thing and you have his approval too.


That’s my randomness for the week, I am finishing up my last spin class at the Edmonton Clareview Recreation Centre tonight so if you’re in the area you should come check it out! I am leaving that rec centre for additional classes closer to home and while I will miss the crew in Clareview I am so excited to not have to drive an hour round trip twice a week to teach! 🙂

Latest favourite drink?

Are you a hockey/skating/winter sport lover? What is your favourite?


  1. Good suggestion on the decaf drink! And congratulations on being done with all of your coursework now! When do you think you’ll defend your thesis?

  2. A Starbucks employee for two years you say?! Could you do a post (or if you have, link to it) on healthier tea/coffee choices from there?! Please and thank!!

  3. Congrats on the article! I’m going to go check it out right now. In my track days my friends and I used to sew shoelaces into the waists of our jeans to tighten them because we had to get our jeans so big to fit over our sprinter thighs and butts but then had SO MUCH room in the waist! Why hasn’t Nike or Under Armour started a line of athletic jeans yet?

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