Thinking Out Loud Thursday #43!

Merry Christmas Eve! AHHHH, how is there only one sleep until Christmas morning? I absolutely love waking up early Christmas morning but I have a feeling we will be waiting a few hours before my brother rolls out of bed! Time for a lovely Christmas Eve edition of Thinking Out Loud Thursday with Amanda at Running with Spoons.


  • Tonight we will be fonduing with my grandparents and neighbours at my house. It is tradition for us to have a Christmas Eve fondue with family, friends, and neighbours. It’s crazy to look back after living in so many different cities and towns and see how many different families have shared this tradition with us. It’s really neat to think about!



  • I had a day off yesterday and really no plans, so I ended up doing things like taking Christmas Buzzfeed quizzes called “Which Christmas Movie Do You Belong In?“. Obviously I got Elf… ALL THE CHRISTMAS.

Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 12.06.39 PM

Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 12.20.03 PM


  • I also watched “The Holiday” while I was home alone in the afternoon yesterday and it was magical. I haven’t had the house to myself in SO LONG and while my family was out running errands and participating in the Christmas chaos I snuggled up with a blanket, tea, biscotti, and my grandma’s adorable puppy, and watched a movie.


  • How freaking cool is this photo. Michael Davies, a Nunavut photographer, took this photo by throwing hot tea in the air on a freezing cold but calm-winded day. Ugh, so gorgeous. This photo was taken at 1pm as the sun was setting because there is only 2.5 hours of sunlight where Davies lives at this time of year.


  • Yesterday morning I did a great chest and back strength training day (my least favourite) followed by a quick 5K on the treadmill before heading for coffee with a friend and a massage appointment. Even though I had all day to workout and could have gone to the gym after my massage I like working out in the morning, showering, and carrying on with the rest of my day. It just makes me feel so accomplished!

Whether you are home or traveling for the holidays, stay safe and enjoy time with friends and family. Ashley at Adventure to Anywhere just wrote a great post about surviving the holidays during tough times and she gives really awesome suggestions for dealing with loss or grief during the holidays when everyone else seems to be in blissful holiday mode. Merry Christmas everyone!


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