WIAW: Black bean brownies.

It turns out I ate pretty much the exact same things as I did in my last three WIAW posts yesterday so instead of boring you (and probably grossing you out) with pictures of vegetarian chili, beet crackers, and oatmeal, I will show you what my friend Jamie and I made last night! BLACK BEAN BROWNIES.


Last night after spin class I went over to her house for some catch up chat and baking. We decided we were going to make black bean brownies and shape them like Christmas trees so we could decorate them. It was late when they finished baking so we didn’t quite get to decorating before I went home but as this was my dinner, I definitely got to the taste-testing part of the baking process. 😉 They were still warm when I tried them but OHMYGOD.


We used THIS recipe exactly and they were so good. As we starting blending the black beans we both were a little worried they wouldn’t turn out, but having made weird healthy brownies before, I knew with a little sugar and cocoa they would come around! This was definitely a keeper recipe and you can tell people they are healthy because they have beans in them… obviously. They’re practically Fiber 1 Brownies.


I promise to be more exciting with the WIAW post next week, especially because I am going to Calgary this weekend and will likely have some random meals that I don’t normally eat! I have a lot of school work to do this weekend so it will be a quick trip but I’m happy to be going and can’t wait to see my Aunt on Friday night and some blog friends on Saturday night! Happy hump day people, we’re almost at the weekend… time to mail it in, right?

What did YOU eat yesterday?

Life or death decision -> brownies, ice cream, or cookies for the rest of your life?


  1. Mmm brownies. My Timehop app tells me I made several batches of brownies around this time over the years. I’ve never tried bean brownies though.

    Let me know if you need a break partway through your drive and want to meet up!!

  2. Heck yes to brownies!! I’m trying to find a good recipe to “trick” my family with this holiday season. I want it to be delectable and sinfully delicious, but still fairly healthy! I need that fudge-texture, you know?! Brownies are one of the toughest for me in terms of baking. I can never seem to get them “crowd pleasing” ready!

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