WIAW: Exam Day.

Yesterday I finished my final exam for my biostatistics course, the final course for my Masters degree! I have one or two semesters left of writing my thesis but as for actual courses, I AM DONE! Besides my three hour exam, I did some Christmas shopping, gift wrapping, napping, and spinning yesterday, and here’s a look at what I ate!


Breakfast: Overnight oats (oats, greek yogurt, milk, cinnamon, flax, and raisins) with peanut butter. I also had coffee, because duh. I took water with a splash of orange juice to my exam to sip on as I have a bit of a sore throat and cough and I didn’t want to be THAT girl that coughs through the entire exam!


Snack: Pumpkin Quest bar (HELLA GOOD), apple, and Hershey’s chocolate kiss from my advent calendar! I bought an entire box of pumpkin Quest bars because after trying one I decided I needed to stock up on the limited edition flavour. I enjoyed these snacks driving around from place to place doing some Christmas shopping.



Lupper: I got home mid-afternoon and had a big bowl of veggies and pasta for lunch/supper. I taught spin in the morning (my last morning one until January) and then I had to teach spin at night so I had a big meal in the afternoon to cover lunch and dinner and let me digest before spin class!

dinner pasta

Post-spin: Chocolate banana smoothie bowl. So fluffy, I blended it for about 5 minutes in order to get it nice and light. I wasn’t super hungry so the smoothie bowl hit the spot. I ended the night with some Neocitron and sore throat lozenges. 😉


Pasta with parmesan cheese is a major “comfort food” for me and when I’m not feeling super awesome that is totally my go-to meal! I enjoyed taking the afternoon off of school but will probably be back in my office for at least the remainder of the week finishing off a few things before taking a Christmas break. One last thing… a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my lovely mom. She turns 29 today (for the 23rd time 😉 ) and I am so excited to have the night off and spend the evening with the birthday girl!


What is your go-to comfort meal?

Are you done Christmas shopping?


  1. Congratulations on being done your courses! Being sick is such a drag. Hope you feel better soon! My go to when I’m sick is pho. It always seems to clear out my sinuses and get me on my way to recovery.

  2. I hope you feel better soon!

    Your Mom is adorable – I hope I get to meet her someday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOM!!!

    Whenever I’m sick, I crave salty broth based soups – especially miso soup. And toast. Oh and orange juice.

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