WIAW: On the go go go.

Tuesdays are such insanity for me. Yesterday I was on the go from 4:55am until 9:54pm when I sat down to write this blog post. It was a long and tiring day but not all terrible because it included two spin classes and a lovely evening walk. My Tuesdays usually break down into four meals… breakfast (7am), morning lunch (11am), afternoon lunch (4pm), and dinner (8pm).


Breakfast: Oatmeal (loaded with flax and egg whites) and peanut butter. Plus coffee, obviously… you think I would be able to get through a 17 hour day without caffeine?


Morning lunch: Chili from my meal prep and these AMAZING beet crackers from Costco. That store is magical. I loved the sweet potato crackers from this same brand and was STOKED when they came out with beet ones!


Afternoon lunch: A veggie sub from Subway. All the veggies except for onions (I still had a spin class to teach 😉 ) and jalapeños, extra olives, sweet onion sauce, on whole wheat. MMMM.


Dinner: A white chocolate raspberry Quest bar (I stole one of my brother’s… don’t tell him). I also grabbed some cereal and had about twenty cups of tea throughout the day that I didn’t take a photo of. 🙂


A busy busy day with not enough protein and lots of carbs. Oops. I have a huge ginormous presentation today for my department and I am incredibly nervous. Once that is over there is only ONE DAY OF CLASSES left this semester for me (plus all of my grad school work and whatnot). YAY for Christmas holidays fast approaching!

What did YOU eat yesterday?

What do you order at Subway?

Tea, hot chocolate, or coffee?


  1. Wow, good for you for making it through that epic day. I keep hearing about all these great things coming from Costco… I feel like I might need to get a membership at some point!

  2. Wowza woman – what a long day!! Way to push through it 🙂
    I can’t do Subway anymore since going gluten-free unless I go the salad route. Which isn’t bad, but with winter now upon us I am eating approximately zero salads.
    Good luck with your presentation! Just focus on the holiday break 😉

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