Call the wambulance.

Thankfully as of now my cold is 98% gone but it was such a long stretch of waking up feeling like there were knives in my throat. I don’t really like complaining about colds because as we know they are pretty common (I laughed out our writing this #dadjoke) and there are obviously SO MANY WORSE ailments out there, but colds are just annoying. As I was whining about my sore throat for the 15th day in a row, my coworker asked me what I did when I was sick to get better because she knows I’m a fairly busy person who doesn’t like to slow down!


I started to go through an answer for her in my head but as I began thinking about how I SHOULD have been battling the cold I realized I had literally done none of those things. I was whining about smelling like cough drops and used tissue when I was doing nothing in my power to actually get rid of my cold… no wonder it lasted 15 days.


Here is what I should have done to get the common cold out of my system faster:

  • Rest rest rest. Get at least 8-10 hours of sleep EVERY night no matter what.
  • Slow down on the workouts… you probably won’t PR when you can’t breathe.
  • Drink lots of extra fluids, which means even more than the 4L of water you seem to drink noramlly.
  • Don’t schedule a lot of social activity to prevent people around you from getting sick and to rest at home.

Here is what I actually did to get rid of my cold:

  • Sleep the same or less than I did without a cold. SO MANY HOLIDAY PARTIES.
  • Up the intensity of the strength workouts to get the maximum strength you can before the new year when your training plan changes.
  • Beer is fluid right?
  • I tried to hang out with as many people as possible over the holidays. Sorry everyone, you probably got that annoying sore throat from me.


My cold probably would have been gone in a few days if I had just rested and slept well but instead I tried to keep up with my regular schedule. To be fair, I’m not one to just lay in bed at the onset of a minor cold, I’m more of a power-through girl, but after two weeks I probably should have taken the hint.


Next time There will be no next time, but if there were, clearly I need to learn how to be sick and get over it faster. I rarely get sick (get your micronutrients kids) and when I do I don’t like to be slowed down by it but there comes a time where rest > being sick for over two weeks. Happy January, hopefully the fact that it is suppose to be -15 or colder for the next two weeks means the cold will kill all the germs. #science

What do YOU do to get over a cold?

Medicine or natural remedies?

At what point do you call it quits on a workout?


  1. I don’t call it quits when I’m sick, I just slow it down and scale back. Running helps my nose run, so it can only help right? Hope you’re at 100% today!

  2. Ummm this post totally explained why I’ve had the worst cold ever for 5 days now. I haven’t been sleeping well, I’ve been stressed (I was visiting home and had to say goodbye yesterday and then fly all day long), and I kept on running. Whoops. I hope we both feel better and actually kick these colds for good!

  3. SLEEP is my number one cold fighter, and after that, increase your vitamin D intake to 2,000IU a day, and I swear by the flu fighting smoothie from oh she glows. (Oranges, fresh ginger, lemon juice and a pinch of cayenne – I’ve shared the recipe on my blog if you’re interested! I LOVE IT). Also, if your throat hurts, gargle with warm salt water to kill any germs. I also LOVE neocitran but stopped drinking it once I was pregnant/breastfeeding, and now I quite enjoy hot water with lemon, honey and some ginger.

  4. Oh no, I’m sorry you were sick for so long! That is no fun, especially over the Christmas holidays! I’ll adjust my activity based off how bad I feel. If I have a sore throat or the sniffles I’ll probably stay pretty active, but with a chest cold if I’m huffing and puffing walking up the stairs at home I’ll take a rest day for sure.

  5. I’m with you, it’s hard to slow down when you’re sick. At the onset of sickness, I load up on my vitamins C&D. I have been swearing by Emergen-C lately. I also try to up my intake of anti-viral foods like garlic, onions, lemons. If it’s sinus related, I will use a neti pot, eucalyptus steam and take shots of apple cider vinegar. Homemade chicken soup and lots of liquids. I usually skip my workouts just because I don’t get much rest if I’m still at work and having to chase around a toddler. Unless it’s just the sniffles or something mild, then I feel ok to continue working out.

    Unfortunately sickness is common in my house since Liam started daycare and is sick all the time. I used to only get a seasonal cold once a year but now I seem to be sick more often thanks to my germy kid.

  6. I’m currently in the midst of my annual cold. I usually get sick once or twice a year but it only ever lasts 2-3 days. I drink a ton of hot water with lemon, eat bowls of homemade chicken and veggie soup, and I rest, rest, rest! Even with a cold I skip workouts in order to allow my body to completely focus on fighting the illness. I find sleeping a lot helps speed the healing too.

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