Fitness Friday: 5 things you can do RIGHT NOW for your health.

Have you ever thought about being healthy but it just seems like so. much. effort? Yeah, me too. I thought I would write a list of five things that you can do RIGHT now for your health. Super simple things that take less than 20 minutes and will hopefully be the first few steps to a healthy day. Welcome to another edition of Fitness Friday!

Fitness Friday Canadian Girl Runs

  1. Drink a glass of water. 8 oz. A cup. That’s it. Nothing in it and not brewed as a steaming cup of coffee, just water. Water is incredible for you but too often especially in winter we can tend to forget that!


2. Spend 10 minutes outside. Sunny or not. Cold or not. Being outdoors can have so many health benefits and as long as you dress for the weather, there is literally no day of the year that you shouldn’t be able to spend 10 minutes outside! I love the fresh air, it definitely helps me sleep too!


3. Stand up. I am guilty of spending the majority of my day sitting and it SUCKS. I try to stand or at least walk around a bit throughout the day but as most of my school work and my part-time job is sitting at a computer it’s tough. I need a walking treadmill desk. 😉


4. Meditate. I don’t know if I have actually tried meditating before because I have never been able to shut my mind off but I should try. I struggle to focus on yoga and meditation but they can both do wonders for your stress levels… even just 5 minutes!


5. Read the rest of this post (and add your Fitness Friday link at the bottom) and then shut off all screens for at least half an hour. The world is made up of 98% technology now so savour those moments when you don’t have to face a screen like when you’re eating with family, getting coffee with friends, being outdoors, or enjoying some quiet reading.


That’s it! Super simple ways to start your day on a healthy note – water, get outside, stand up, meditate, and turn down the screen time! Have a happy and healthy weekend everyone!

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  1. I’m TERRIBLE at drinking my water. My husband just called me out for letting this huge glass of water sit next to me completely full for the past hour. I’m the same way about meditating too! My sister “made” me this Christmas and I struggled so hard to sit still and relax.

  2. I love the tip about getting outside in the winter. It’s easier not to when it’s really cold, but whenever I do, I always come back inside a bit more invigorated, and I know it does help with mood as well. 🙂

  3. If only I could actually shut my screen off at work hahaha. Great tips though. Especially getting outside in the winter, I think it’s important. I usually get the winter blah’s, but since committing to running outside at least once a week this year, I feel like the winter blah’s aren’t around.

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