I almost lost my voice singing in my car.

I did a lot of driving this weekend. I had a one-day course in Lethbridge yesterday so I drove down to my Aunt’s in Airdrie on Friday afternoon. I stopped at CrossIron Mills and did some unexpected shopping. I think going into a mall with lots of time and no real “need” for anything is a recipe to find great things! SO MANY SALES. Good bye paycheque.


I woke up at 5am yesterday morning to drive to Lethbridge. I sang A LOT in my car. I think I almost lost my voice by the time I got back to Airdrie last night because I was singing so our and often in my car. It’s a true crime to be this vocally talented in my car and my shower by have those talents fail to show up in real situations.


The benefits of driving 5 hours yesterday, a total of 10 for the weekend, is that I got to see some awesome prairie views. Nothing really beats a prairie sunrise. I got to watch the whole sky unfold into a million colours as I drove south to Lethbridge.


I bought a coffee on my way out from Airdrie and then when I got to Lethbridge I stopped at Starbucks for breakfast. Spinach and feta egg white wrap, greek yogurt, and an americano. I was hoping to randomly run into Kaella or Danielle as I didn’t really have time to meet up with either around my course but no such luck. 😉


My course ended a bit early so I got back to Airdrie around 5:30pm and hopped on my Aunt’s treadmill for a bit of a walking hill workout. I walked and climbed hills for about an hour while watching Hockey Night in Canada, then I did a 10-minute cool down where I called my dad to talk to him about the Habs first period!


I never understand why my dad yells at the TV during a hockey game… then as I was by myself in my Aunt’s basement… I YELLED AT THE TV. I got mad at a feather pass by a Hab in their own zone… normally I don’t understand then yelling but I think I’m turning into my dad. :O


My aunt made me dinner while I was working out. She made vegetarian spinach lasagne roll-ups. They were DELICIOUS. How does one go wrong with noodles and cheese and spinach?! Perfect HNIC dinner post-workout!


I did important things after dinner… like some reading…


… and some stretching… my hips were a mess after so much driving! We had just talked about the importance of moving and stretching all day in my group fitness instructor recertification course so I felt guilty that I had basically been driving and sitting in a classroom all day! I got some good hip stretching in before curling up with some tea and chatting with my Aunt!


This morning I am driving back home, another lovely 3 hours on the road. I hope I still have enough voice to sing more country songs on the way home! It’s a good thing I am really good at remembering the lyrics to every country music and Eminem song… I should add that to my resume. 😉


What did YOU do this weekend?

Do you know the lyrics to one particular artist or genre?

Do you sing in your car?


  1. I LOVE to sing in the car. I had a CD of the most powerful hymns going in the car on the way back from the airport today, and I sang till I could sing no more. AMAZING. 🙂

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