Motivation… er, Sunday?

I miss Motivation Monday. Not because I have been lacking motivation lately, in fact, I’ve felt pretty good about my workouts this past week (stay tuned for my weekly workout recap tomorrow), but just because during my indoor run yesterday I thought about some of the mantras I had used in the past when running races or pushing through training runs. I absolutely love fitness motivation, the healthy ones that push you to make yourself better and not shame you to make yourself “perfect.” Time for some Motivation… er, Sunday.

motivation sunday

Yesterday I hit up the treadmill because it was literally -22C outside, not including the windchill, and while I thought about just doing an easy run with no sense of urgency or push, I instantly changed my mind when I felt great as I began to run. I knew it was a day to challenge myself and run faster… so that is exactly what I did.


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Post-run yesterday I watched football, ate the most delicious salad ever with tempeh, pear, and feta, and enjoyed the most peaceful afternoon with the rest of my family out of the house and me left with the quiet, a fireplace, and access to snapchat. 😉 I am planning on meeting up with friends to watch more football today and while it is my active rest day I think I am going to get a light workout in so I don’t sit on my ass ALL day long, ha!

Happy weekending everyone!


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