PBB: Workout Recap 1.

In case you’re wondering what type of training plan I am working with, check out THIS post where I explain Project Birthday Bod. Already one week in and I’ve had to change a couple of things around because one of my spin classes that I was to be instructing was cancelled but so far the training plan is going well. Welcome to a recap of my week of workouts!

pbb workout recap

This week I subbed a spin class on Monday night and tried to use up a few Barre class passes that were about to expire. I don’t really consider barre a major intense workout, not because it isn’t hard, just because it’s not as intense as my other strength training workouts. Don’t get me wrong, those classes can be killer and I finally worked my way up to using the 3lb weights!

Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 10.18.24 AM

On Saturday, as you can see, I did a “60 minute rolling hills treadmill workout.” It was probably the shortest distance I have run in 60 minutes, but I did it all while cycling through various inclines and it was KILLER. I was a hot sweaty mess by the end. I knew I wanted to do a longer (>30 minutes) of cardio and I knew I wanted to sweat… enter this workout.

rolling hill workout

Warm up = 5 minutes walking

1 minute running @ 6.7mph @ 1% incline

1 minute running @ 6.4mph @ 2% incline

1 minute running @ 6.1mph @ 3% incline

1 minute running @ 5.9mph @ 4% incline

1 minute running @ 5.7 mph @ 5% incline

Repeat 10 times

Cool down = 5 minutes walking

This workout is completely adjustable for speed to suit abilities and fitness levels. I am not a super fast runner so you could be doing speeds from 7.7mph to 6.7mph instead of 6.7mph to 5.7mph. I actually changed mine up a bit as I ran and started at 6.5 then 6.6 then 6.7 then 6.8. It sounds somewhat slow but once you hit the minutes at 4 and 5% incline, it is TOUGH! Oh, and if you’re like, “Kris why didn’t you just find a hill outside and run up it?” UM BECAUSE IT WAS LITERALLY -31 WITH THE WINDCHILL. 😉

On Sunday, after a fun night out at my friend’s birthday party, I took it easy after a big sleep in and gladly enjoyed my “active rest” day. I did a bit of foam rolling because my hamstrings are so incredibly tight, but I happily skipped cardio and weights for the day!

Do you run hills on the treadmill?

What was your favourite part of the weekend?


  1. You rock. I really, really don’t like running hills on the treadmill. I’ll move my training around if the weather is crap to do a flatter faster run indoors and do the hills outside on a better day!

    My favourite part of the weekend was 2 hours of snowshoe running. And actually running 20k in below-freezing-gale-force-wind and 20mm of icy rain – only because I made it through and didn’t give up. I usually would.

  2. I actually did hills on the treadmill last week! I actually didn’t mind it but playing with the incline and speed for every rep got a little tiring by the end. It would be cool if you could program your workout into the treadmills at the gym before you start, so it auto adjusts the hills, etc, as you go.

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