PBB: Workout Recap 3.

Just like that, another week of my Project Birthday Bod challenge is complete! I love Mondays, not only because I get to train legs, but because it always feels like a fresh start and a chance to build on the momentum from the previous week! While I didn’t get any awesome or mind blowing workouts in this weekend due to travel it was still a super successful week of training!

pbb workout recap

Yesterday, after the most fabulous sleep in, I ran 5 miles on my Aunt’s basement treadmill. I normally take an active rest day on Sundays but I didn’t get a solid run in on Saturday so I switched my workouts around and got it done yesterday. I was dripping by the end but only because in-home workouts always feel ridiculously hot. They weren’t fast miles because I like to do LS cardio (long and slow) on the weekend, but man did those miles feel good. I needed to stretch my legs before jumping in my car again for the remaining drive home.


I hit up the road for a lovely snowy drive home (DON’T PANIC MOM, I’M ALIVE) and got home just in time to see the Broncos last half against the Patriots. I watched football and unpacked the rest of the afternoon before heading out to a staff meeting in the evening. I was happy to subtly receive a notification on my phone during the meeting that the Panthers beat the Cardinals and are headed to the SuperBowl! BOOM. Called it.


I have to do a bit more travel this weekend as well so I’m sure my workouts will be a little all over the place but I am going to make it my mission to be as consistent as possible. Luckily I am headed to a  hotel with plenty of surrounding outdoor activities and an awesome fitness centre so I don’t think I will be unable to get some good sweat sessions in while out of town!

Here is a look at my week of workouts, for week three of Project Birthday Bod.

Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 8.52.00 PM

I hope you have a fantastic Monday! I like starting my week knowing that by the end of the week I will be hanging out in the mountains! 😉 I am actually super excited for my conference this weekend (in a really nerdy sort of way… think Ross heading to his palaeontology conference in Barbados) and more than that… MOUNTAINS! It’s Monday people, so please don’t forget to be awesome.


What was your favourite part of your weekend?!

Did you accomplish any January goals yet?

Are you a football fan or should I stop talking about it? 😉


  1. Ahhh the Pats… sorry to see them out of the running 🙂 Keep up the foozeball chat!

    For your Thursday legs strength training…what sort of exercises do you do for 70 minutes?

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