Struggles only girls who love to workout will understand.

I was thinking about writing this over the last week as I pondered all of the things that guys NEVER have to deal with at the gym or working out. I’m sure there are things that boys have to deal with when they workout but let’s be serious, I’m sure the list isn’t even close to this one. Girls, I hope you can relate to this… boys, these are all of the struggles girls face when they hit up the gym or go for a run.


  1. Forgetting a sports bra for your workout. Yeah we packed our gym bags so we could lift weights or run after work but then we realize we forgot one CRUCIAL item… the sports bra. The debate ensures, to workout with an uncomfortable and unsupportive bra or skip the gym. (I have never chosen the skipped workout option.)


2. To follow up on that last point, choosing the right level of support in our sports bra for our workout. Running or anything jumping  = HIGH support. Low impact cardio, like cycling, or weight lifting = MEDIUM support. Yoga or walking = LOW support.

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3. The laundry. Oh, the laundry. I never really wear workout clothes twice so usually when I do laundry it is 80% workout clothes and 20% real clothes. Yeah, we look awesome at the gym… we also do a lot of laundry.


4. Planning long runs and races around our periods. Yeah, I’m sorry, TMI, but it happens. Guys just have no idea. Running for a few hours with that ish going on… ugh. Don’t even get me started on how the hormones involved in this nonsense cycle affect our quality of workout.


5. Not having a hair elastic… or having one and it breaks. Long hair and working out don’t mix well except for the fact that we look graceful AF when we run. I put my hair in a bun for most strength workouts so it doesn’t get in the way when I lift weights but when I run I keep my hair up in a ponytail. No elastic? No workout. (I see some girls that run with their long hair down and I will never understand this phenomena.)


6. Boob sweat. Now that you mention it, crotch sweat too. The worst.


7. I like to do squats and lots of step-ups but it always looks like I’m trying to show off my ASSets when I do that. I swear I’m not, even though I do talk about how proud I am of my lower body. We’ve all had ‘that look’ when people stare because they think we’re showing off, but we’re literally just working out.


8. Make-up. I don’t want to sound ridiculous but sometimes I put on a bit of coverup before heading to the gym first thing in the morning. You can judge girls for wearing make-up, you can wear some yourself, whatever the case, girls think about this before heading in. Plus the struggle of remembering to wash make-up off immediately after you sweat.


9. I somehow ended up being friends with far too many middle-age and slightly older than middle-age men from working out at 5:30am at the gym. I see them outside the gym and they come and chat and both my family/friends and their wives/children ask how we know each other… awkward. A lot of the men like to chat with me… I really don’t know if this works the other way around with older women and young men?


10. Getting stared at when you walk into the weight lifting section of the gym. No one bats an eye when I head to the elliptical for a warm-up at the gym but as soon as I walk into the lifting areas, I get super insecure because I feel like I don’t belong. Most guys are really welcoming (see #7) but when you are the minority in the weights section it is tough to hold your own.


There you have it. The struggles girls face when they head to the gym or for a run… shit gets complicated but if you think about how much we have to deal with and we still kick ass, that’s pretty impressive. 😉 Now let’s hear it boys, what do YOU have to deal with that girls will just not understand? Ladies, did I forget anything?


  1. Needing to shower and plan my hair washing around my gym schedule is a pain in the ass!
    And also the loose hair. I cannot do it. I do not understand. Even when braided my hair becomes a stupid mess after running.

  2. Haha, oh man, this is awesome!

    #5 – I tried this once because a friend convinced me lol. It’s actually feels really neat running with long hair loose, but it’s not something I will ever do again. Too many knots, and I hate when my hair is down when my neck is sweaty.

    #6 – I honestly sometimes think it’s just me that sweats so much in her crotch (and boobs), so I’m glad this is a common issue! Another reason why we have to wash our workout clothes after one wear!

    And like Jen said – SHOWERING. WAY more work for a woman than a man! Unless you’re one of those lucky girls whose hair looks better after it’s sweaty 😉

  3. I’ve definitely worked out with a regular bra on and then the purple straps were showing with my racer back tank, lol. I’ve been on a hot summer run and my hair elastic just popped! Since that dreaded day, I always have an extra one attached to my Garmin.

  4. I did one of my longest runs for my NYC in my regular bra because I forgot my sports bra and didn’t want to drive all the way home. Yep! Thankfully, I don’t even really need one hahahaha 😉 #IBTC

    Also, #5 yep! I already looked ahead to Vancouver and am hoping things change!

    And #7– ugh, I looked like I peed my pants the other day after my workout LOL!

  5. Good stuff Kris. I think you forgot “working out when hot gym guy isn’t there” 😉

    Anyway, here’s my quick list:
    1. Compression shorts. They’re great but they do require a second pair of shorts to wear over top. Plus the compression shorts are never constructed properly in the front…just saying…
    2. I love lululemon gear for running…but that requires shopping at lululemon. You need next level ‘casual confused guy’ skills to shop for “your wife” while buying men’s shorts and pants.
    3. When I’m foam rolling after a hard run on the track or treadmill, I’m 100% probably dazed and a little confused. I’m inflicting pain on myself with a foam roller or lacrosse ball and I promise I’m staring off into space not looking at anything. I’ve got a few dirty looks from people at the gym before, assuming I’m looking at them because the foam roller area is directly behind some cardio equipment or on the side of the track.
    4. I will never hit the gym (or run outside for that matter) with no shirt on…I’m far too pale. I made one exception once last summer while working in Atlanta on a long run, simply because my shirt got so wet it chaffed my nipples. Which brings me too…
    5. Nipple chaffing. Guys get it. It’s real. It hurts.
    6. Laundry…don’t think that’s just a girl issue. I’m probably very close to the 80/20 split on workout clothes myself.
    7. I get looks entering the weight area too; mostly because it looks like I’ve never strength trained in my life. I’d like to say I can do pull ups while gripping 45lbs plates with me teeth, but that’s simply not me. Without a coach helping me through or providing which exercises to do with weights, I’m completely lost. I’m willing to venture most guys are in the same boat.

  6. Armpit hair!! I have had a few encounters (especially in the winter) where I packed a tank top to work out and had gone a week or two without shaving! If I had a run planned it was no problem but I skipped weights on those days. Ha ha!

  7. Ugh totally hear you on the elastic. I will go home and get one or to the store and buy one – though totally inconvenient and a time-suck – and then go for my workout before I attempt running without one. If it breaks I tie a k it in the elastic and make do.

    I’ve actually stopped a workout mid-stream to give another girl (who was running with her hair down and get playing with it) an elastic ? #idontgetit

  8. Oh yes to all of this! The hair elastic one is the worst.
    Also showering, seriously for guys they can shower in 5 minutes after a workout and be done. For women, we then have to blowdry our hair, do our hair and put on makeup. Its a whole process.

  9. All so true!!
    I would like to add this one (though strictly speaking it’s not a “gym” thing)…maybe I’ll go swimming…umm…am I pool-ready?? Again maybe TMI for some people, but seriously it’s winter here. We may not be shaving every day.
    I’ve also had an elastic break while mid-run. 2 feet of hair blowing in the breeze results in epic tangles.

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