Taking risks and putting myself out there.

I spend a lot of my day in my office at school, seeing zero people, and not really talking to anyone in person, and it gets SO DULL. Sure, I’m working and trying to concentrate but I really need to venture around school more because I’m getting so bored of being in an office by myself five days a week! Just yesterday I decided to beat the 3pm slump by walking down to Starbucks for a decaf Americano misto and I ran into two people I knew in the span of two minutes! I stopped and chatted for a bit and it reminded me how much I need to venture out of my comfortable office and even if it means working in the libraries or something, just get out and meet people!

Not going to lie, the soy americano misto and chocolate chip cookie dough Quest bar definitely beat the 3pm snooze sesh.


One thing I need to be better about is taking risks. Not ridiculous dangerous risks, but more just putting myself out there socially. I am a comfort-seeker, which is good and has its benefits, but it also leaves little room for growth and adventure, two things I think my life needs a little but more of. I love this quote.


That is definitely my goal when I travel and I hope to make the most of it this weekend and next when I am in new places meeting new people. I’m a very honest and open person (hello, I write both my daily shenanigans and deepest thoughts on the internet for everyone and their mom to read) but I am also not 100% an extrovert. The more I put myself out there, the more I grow and change as a person, for the better.

… and back to daily ramblings. 😉 I bought new boots on my trip to Calgary and I don’t know if I have ever owned combat boots before and anything that resembles them but I kind of dig these. They are a brownish grey colour and super comfy! Of course I am wearing my Roots Cabin socks with them.


I have a bunch of sticky notes all over my computer and my office with dates, deadlines, meetings, and random thought bubbles. How perfect are these stickies? They definitely brighten up my office! I actually got them from a Secret Santa for Christmas!


I did an AWESOME upper body workout yesterday morning. It was so good my arms were shaking when I was done. I know I sound like a total bro but I love the bicep/tricep pump I get after an upper body day… it makes me feel a lot stronger than I actually am. I also stared at chatted with HGG (Hot Gym Guy) for a while and then we worked out in the same area the whole time so no wonder I was trying my hardest throughout the workout. I did 30 minutes of stepper after my upper body workout and added another level of intensity onto the interval program and HOLY. SWEAT.


It was great! I love getting those feel-good workouts in, especially when the day turns out to be really rainy and dreary and a totally mood drain! I was somehow really tired throughout the day yesterday, mostly due to the weather, so I love knowing that my workouts will bring my energy levels right back up and get some endorphins flowing!

Do you ever hit that 3pm slump?

Are you a social butterfly or more of a homebody?

What is the latest thing you did for yourself? (aka. bought boots)


  1. Love your new boots! And I’m feeling the same way you are about stepping outside of your comfort zone on the daily. I get way too comfortable, especially in the winter, and I want to mix that up!

  2. I echo Rachel’s comment. I hate going out at night unless it’s a date or something!
    Definitely hit an afternoon slump after lunch. I usually go to my work gym and lift some stuff or elliptical for a few minutes to get the blood flowing and it definitely helps!

    Ooohhh, you’re on talking turns with HGG now?! Exciting… (I think?)
    There are lots of HGG’s at my gym but I’m too scared to talk to any of them.

    1. Haha, not super excited because he’s married, but he’s becoming a great gym friend. Also… I need to find out if he has a single twin. 😉

  3. I always feel that 3pm slump for sure. I’m ready to be done work at that time every single day.

    If I’m around people that I know, total social butterfly, but put me in a social setting where I don’t know anyone and I’m shy and awkward. I wish I could be a little more outgoing and maybe I’d end up meeting a hottie at the grocery store or something….

  4. I have to work to put myself out there too. I’m an introvert and I’m shy which is a bad combination for social situations. I’ve come a long way but I need to sometimes force myself to be uncomfortable. When I do, I always meet the best people and form the best connections, so it’s worth it.

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