Thinking Out Loud Thursday #45!

Welcome to the first Thinking Out Loud Thursday of 2016! How sick are you of people saying “first ____ of 2016” or “I haven’t done ____ since last year”? I find it so funny when people say “See you next year!” on December 31st… like, no. Before I start off on a random tangent let me once again let you know I am linking up with Amanda at Running with Spoons for Thinking Out Loud Thursday!


  • First of all, my awesome running friend Shawn (who you have heard about on the blog before… aka the super fast marathon guy who left me in the dust for a 2:55 marathon in Chicago) STARTED A BLOG. I wonder who he got that idea from? 😉 If you want to check it out head to Ascending Cadence!


  • This song was on repeat yesterday for me. I played it in my spin class warm up on Monday and haven’t been able to get it out of my head since! My taste in workout music resembles that of a 13-year-old girl. I also have an amazing remixed version of Usher’s “Yeah.”

  • I did a double workout day yesterday. I didn’t really plan on it except that in the morning I dominated my chest and back workout for a full 60 minutes (with 10 minute warm up on the stationary bike) and I didn’t really have it in me to do my scheduled 30 minutes of HIIT. I figured a half ass workout in the morning would not be as great as a killer workout when I’m a little more rested at night. PLUS my brother goes to the gym at 9:30pm every night so I got to meet him there for a bit!


  • My cousin texted me the other day telling me she was going to be in Vancouver when I’m there for the BMO Vancouver half marathon on May 1st!! I am so excited! We rarely get to see each other so it’s going to be really fun!
  • Hot Gym Guy asked if I needed a spot for my bench press yesterday. UM YEAH I REALLY DO (<- says the girl who doesn’t even lift enough weight to need a spot… ever). I am stuck just over the 100lb mark with my bench… but yes, I probably need someone to spot me.


  • P.S. For those of you who’ve inquired, the guy I was previously dating was NOT HGG and upon further investigation it turns out HGG is married. HAHA.


  • My mom and I started the new year by challenging each other to go two weeks without eating added sugar. Day 7 and we are both doing really well. I did a 10-day No Sugar Challenge last year (thoughts and results HERE) but I think I will ask my mom to do a recap of this one as she has a major sweet tooth! Stay tuned!

I hope everyone is having a fantastic post-holiday week! My weekend schedule ramps up towards the end of the month so I am going to soak in this upcoming weekend with few commitments and try and get out and do some fun things with a fun person!

Favourite HIIT song (or fast running song)? 

Have you ever tried to eliminate something from your diet? How did it go? Was it out of necessity?


  1. Thanks so much for the mention Kris! You failed to note that you also did pretty much all of the work to help me set it up – thanks again!!

    I failed hard trying to stick to black coffee…soy misto for me today, haha.

    I tried the Paleo diet for a month once. I did feel pretty good by the end, but I’m not sure if it was from eating a Paleo diet, or simply cutting out bad food; i.e.. no added sugar, no alcohol, etc.

  2. I’ve done all sorts of diet eliminations. I tried the no-sugar thing once. I lasted a day. because gum has sugar and I. Must. Have. Gum (sigh).
    I’ve done extreme stuff from the extreme left to right (i.e vegan to paleo) too 😉

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