Thinking Out Loud Thursday #46!

I don’t even think this needs an introduction anymore because if it’s Thursday it’s almost guaranteed to be a Thinking Out Loud Thursday post! I am linking up with the lovely Amanda @ Running with Spoons, who by the way has been baking up a lot of chocolatey goodness lately – check it out!


  • Thank you all for the love and comments on yesterday’s post about the struggles of being a girl who is really into fitness. It was written hopefully light-hearted and fun but it is definitely 100% true, as attested by so many of the lovely people who commented!


  • Why has no one ever showed THIS way to defrost windows to me before? I think as Canadians this should be in our Canadian Instruction manual… you know, the one that Justin Trudeau delivered when he visited our igloos on his moose in November.


  • Yesterday I PR’d my bench press! I won’t talk about numbers because it’s probably not a super noteworthy accomplishment but I was really happy… especially because Hot Gym Guy wasn’t even there to spot me on the bench.


Oh, and you’re welcome ladies. (See above)

  • Having this attitude, not only at the gym, but at work, in school, as a human being, can do wonderful things. I’ve definitely always been the type of person that doesn’t settle for good, I strive for great. It might be harder or take longer but you always end up with more meaningful and sustainable results.


  • Today is evidently the last day of the 14-day no sugar challenge my mom and I are doing. I haven’t really talked too much about it because I didn’t really want to sound like a “new year new me detox” person but also because it winded up feeling pretty easy. We cut out all added sugar (so still eating fresh and dried fruits) and frankly while I got a little tired of a few repetitive meals, it wasn’t too difficult! My mom is going to write a guest post soon about how she did with the challenge and what to expect if you try it out!


  • ADDICTED. I am thinking about buying a soda stream so I can carbonate my water myself and stop wasting money on buying club soda and sparkling water all the time. If anyone has one please let me know what you think of it in the comments! This black cherry flavour just CANNOT be beat. I love love love it.


  • My gym needs a stair master (I miss GoodLife for that reason). I like doing some sweaty cardio session of HIIT on the stepper but it’s just not the same as a stair mill/stairmaster. I do get a good workout on this though so I won’t sell it short. Whenever I’m just not feeling a run I hit the stepper.


Have a wonderful Thursday! I am working today and hopefully enjoying a lovely coffee date with my dad at his new office… and by new I mean I have yet to visit him and he moved in there last spring. I used to stop by all the time when he worked just down the road but now he works a solid 35-45 minutes away and I haven’t made the time to stop in!

Do you have a soda stream?

What is your favourite quote as of late?


  1. I love our soda stream! We never flavour the water but I love it with just some lemon or mint. My husband missed it so much during the day that we bought one for his office and I’m that person who shows up at someone’s house for dinner with my soda stream bottles of water if I know they don’t have one.

  2. I have a soda stream and it’s pretty convenient, but I can’t match the LaCroix flavor exactly. I still vote that you get one.

  3. Another blogger, Jen @ Nutcaseinpoint LOVES her soda stream! She says she goes through a canister every two weeks.

    Good for you guys for sticking to the no sugar thing! I don’t think I could do it – it’s in EVERYTHING. 🙁

  4. OHHH I need to go to the store tonight and see if I can find that new Dasani water!
    I’m obsessed with Nestle’s black cherry!!

    Next time we hang out, lets make sparkling black cherry cocktails.

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