Thinking Out Loud Thursday #48!

It is Thursssssdaaaaayy! I just sang that in my head which is why I wrote it like that. I am headed to Kananaskis today which is why my mood is borderline annoying-cheerful. It is of course time to link up with Amanda at Running with Spoons for Thinking Out Loud Thursday! Just a heads up, I got distracted by a bunch of Fitness Buzzfeed articles so those may or may not be featured today.


  • On Tuesday night, I was incredibly exhausted. Like, wanted to cry when I thought about having to walk upstairs to get my computer charger while writing a blog post kind of tired. My body and my mind were so tired, and the rainy grey day didn’t help, so I went to bed at 8:30 and slept EIGHT HOURS. That never happens on a weekday and it was magical.


  • How accurate is THIS article, “15 Charts That Will Speak to Anyone who Loves Running.” Yes, yes, and yes.



  • After having many of these things happen on a regular basis, it was nice to know I wasn’t the only one experiencing this, “19 Awkwardly Sexual Moments Everyone Experiences at the Gym.” So you want to do hip thrusts to work your glutes do you? That guy who wears just one size too small in their spandex shorts? Uhhhhh.


  • I absolutely love my morning gym crew. There is such a communal feeling being there at 5:30am when the same people every day. I know most people’s names, and a few who I have given lovely nicknames (Griffindor for the guy who always wears maroon and gold gym clothes EVERY day… HGG for you know who). “17 Kinds of People You’ll Recognize If You’ve Ever Been to the Gym” sums up most people I encounter on a daily basis! The creeping gym creeper HAHAHA.



  • I just sent away all of my recertification documents for group fitness indoor cycling! I absolutely love teaching spin classes and I can’t believe it’s already been two years since I became a qualified instructor. I had my practical assessment on Monday night and the lady who assessed me told me she couldn’t believe I had only been teaching for two years! She gave me some great ideas for switching up classes and how to really enhance a class!


  • I worked from home yesterday instead of commuting two hours (round trip) to my office at school. I actually worked from Starbucks technically because I am a lot more productive there. I reviewed manuscripts for a couple of hours and then grabbed a few groceries before heading home for lunch. Is it weird that I LOVE grocery shopping, mostly because I don’t have to do it with kids or on a time crunch like I’m sure most readers do, but I was browsing the aisles and found this BluDot Protein Tea. I just HAD to try it and it turns out it’s really good!


I am definitely guilty of buying foods that have added protein simply because they are high in protein, disregarding potentially other added ingredients that aren’t the best for me… aka Yves burgers and such… but this drink has a short ingredient list, is sweetened with Stevia, and has 10g of protein (whey) and 5g of fiber (chicory inulin root), with the only other ingredients being green tea and water. It’s delicious!

Don’t forget to mark your calendars with a big red star for tomorrow’s Fitness Friday link-up! I enjoy hosting this link-up every week and look forward to reading all of your workout recaps and tales from the fitness world!

What is the biggest claim you succumb to in the grocery store? Organic? No sugar added?

Random question of the day –> If you had to let everyone see either your entire texting history or your entire Google search history, which would you choose?


  1. YES! I can relate to those gym articles!! There’s one girl I see all the time who has the BEST BODY! I seriously want to compliment her on it every time I see her but don’t want to be a creep lol!!!

    I like grocery shopping (ALONE) too!! I refuse to believe Yves burgers are bad in any way. They’re soooo good!! 😉

  2. So…does Griffindor actually know you call him Griffindor? And…what’s their nickname for you??
    I don’t think I’d actually care if anyone checked my google history. Or my texts for that matter. I figure if I’m putting down in writing than there’s always a chance someone else will see it.

  3. You have me cracking up here at work over this post! Loving all of those links! Grocery shopping is one of my favorite things ever…. when I’m not hungry when I go. Love finding new foods, and it’s just so therapeutic! Can’t wait to link up tomorrow!

    1. Wooooo!! Can’t wait to read your link! Also, totally agree on the grocery shopping hungry, I get to the till and I’m like “Ummm, what is all of this doing in my cart?”

    1. Haha, totally, even if I don’t talk to them we always smile and nod at each other, which somehow makes me feel like I know them. 😛

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